Does Your Website Attract Or Repel Customers?

When consumers shop online, there are some features they need to find on ecommerce websites to make their experience fruitful, easy and fast. You can evaluate your ecommerce website to see if it is giving your customers the best possible experience and not turning them away. Attract or Repel Customers?

3 Unknown Risks Of Making Sites On Old Authoritative Domains

Risks Of Making Sites On Old Authoritative Domains
Well, the topic of this post might be seemed kinda strange. But do you know, a lot of people are still living in the old era of using aged domain names for seo. They believe starting up sites on an authoritative domain will help them to rank higher and better. Yeah, that’s a very good idea, but that existed a few years ago, not now. Yesterday one of my friend asked me that he had bought a very aged...

How To Select A Better Domain Name?

Better Domain Name
If you are starting your business online, one of the first things you need to focus on is to register a better domain name that is suitable to your business and what you offer – products or services. Now this is a tricky situation for any entrepreneur, who is up for making a big. But he has to start from somewhere. Here comes another trouble. What domain name an entrepreneur should choose for his...

Upgrade Your Web Ranking Through HTTPS Domain

For the famous search engines like Google, security remains on the top list. They make sure that their services make use of the protection which gives a boost to the industry. The powerful encryptions of https are one such leader of improving the site’s rankings. You can upgrade your website’s ranking through HTTPS. People tend to use Search, Google drive, and Gmail which have an automatic...

Domain Tip #6: Changing Domain Name Of A Website

Changing Domain Name
Changing domain name of your website? Cool, but before getting into this topic, I’ll answer why people change the domain name. There could be several reasons for this honestly, but I’ll tell the possible ones. These are the scenarios: 1. Copyright Infringement: Like, WordPress doesn’t want people to use the word “WordPress” on their domain names, so people running WordPress****.com...

Introducing Google Domains: Invite-Only Beta As Of Now

Google Domains
Now this is something I’m afraid of, because I’m not sure whether it is just a registration service or a better way for Google to know us further. Recently Google revealed about their invite-only-beta service – Google Domains. Google Domains – A Better Way To Register Domains? On their Google+ Page they stated that, “Google Domains isn’t fully-featured yet, but we’re... Announces A Free WhoIs Lookup Tool

DMCA Free Lookup Tool announced a Free WhoIs Lookup Tool recently, this will be useful for webmasters, domainers and bloggers. Using this lookup tool you can find out who owns/operates a website, network or ip address. This tool will be essential for doing domain research and other stuffs. DMCA’s Free WhoIs Lookup Tool [Screenshot – DeviceBAR WhoIs Details] Apart from Domain Info this tool also provides...

HostGator Refer A Friend Program – Just Refer & You’ll Get 35$

HostGator Refer A Friend Program
This is a new kind of affiliate system from HostGator, where you get to refer your friends and make money out of it. The good thing is, you are not just referring but also giving them a 25% off coupon code. So you will receive a $35 gift card once they sign up. HostGator Refer A Friend Program You can now use HostGator’s Refer A Friend Program to earn money by just referring them with a coupon... Acquired By Fashion Television Media For $125,000 Acquired
Ammudamus from NamePros leaked the news that acquired by Fashion Television Media for $125,000. Acquired Ammudamus posted on NamePros: UPDATE: SOLD for $125,000! I am sure it was a monster sale, but was sold to This name was owned by Cybertavern who was the main investor behind the late Mrs. Jello. The domain name supposedly had a locked...

Difference Between Managed And Unmanaged VPS Hosting

Difference Between Managed and Unmanaged VPS Hosting
VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting has become quite popular with website owners because they get the benefits of dedicated servers at reasonable costs. However when it comes to choosing the right VPS hosting for you, managed and unmanaged server options have to be considered. They are both dedicated hosting types and you can own a server in both cases, but there are differences that set them apart....