5 Best VPS Hosting Providers You Should Consider

VPS or Virtual Private Server is the virtualized server that mimics the dedicated server within shared web hosting environment. It is indeed both dedicated and shared hosting. VPS servers offer you affordability of the shared web hosting while providing more control and power of the dedicated server.

1. HostGator


Among various VPS hosting providers these days, HostGator serves to be one of the top service providers. Its Linux VPS hosting offers main entry, thereby meaning that you can easily install the difficult applications and personalize it fully. The best part about the hosting is that you actually experience the benefits from a top class web host and that too at affordable rates.

The VPS plans offered by HostGator start at $19.90 per month. You can even choose to expand the memory, space and bandwidth as per your requirements by choosing the appropriate plan. Also, all plans have 2 dedicated IPs, full root entry as well as Virtuozzo Power Panel. Some alternatives are also offered to purchase more of the committed IP addresses as required.

2. LiquidWeb


LiquidWeb is a hosting company focusing on enterprise and corporate website hosting services. The company mainly focuses on dedicated hosting, VPS plans and Servers utilising cloud technology. Their Managed VPS Hosting line is the ideal solution for clients who require the control of a dedicated server matched with the affordability of shared hosting, and the features of The Storm® Platform. Each VPS package supports 100 percent network uptime, monitoring and a 30 minute response guarantee.

3. Linode


You can also take VPS hosting from Linode, the company that is built upon a very simple premise i.e. of offering best possible services and tools to all those who need better hosting. Linode VPS truly means freedom. This way, when you hire their VPS plans, you get almost everything right from root access to kernel. Everything is managed by their simple and effective control panel.

4. KnownHost


Last but not least, Known Host is a popular name again when it comes to taking VPS hosting. With unlimited domains on every VPS server, complete root access, efficient and fast support by the professionals, Known Host offers Virtuozzo powered power panel. Seamless upgrades are provided with no problem of downtime and you enjoy amazing managed VPS hosting solution.

5. InMotion VPS

InMotion Hosting VPS

Then comes InMotion hosting whose VPS delivers amazing performance along with control and flexibility of dedicated server. VPS hosting by InMotion is great for the businesses that expect fast growth, huge site traffic and that want dynamic sites. The service provider partitions high performance server in various virtual servers each being there with reserved RAM and CPU resources. VPS solutions by InMotion offer affordable and effective hosting for the businesses which need the features like dedicated mail server, high amount of control and custom firewall.

So, with a number of hosting companies out there offering the best of VPS solutions and plans, you need to pick up the best of all and use its services for your advantage.

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