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Do You Have a Powerful Marketing Strategy?

  You hire a marketing agency to create and enforce a marvelous marketing plan for your small or start-up business and BAM – tons of new customers reach you in no time! Just sit back and relax while your business grows. That sounds amazing, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, itís not quite that easy.   You can’t […]

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Bitly Short URL – Create Them For Your Blog Posts

Short Domain Settings Bitly

Recently we wrote this post called “Top 10 Most Expensive Domain Names Of All Time” and as you can see our focus keyword was “Expensive Domain Names”, we should be keeping this in our permalink, so the URL for this post is – It’s a typical WordPress blog URL with unique IDs at the […]

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Using Blogspot or Blogger Custom Domain Name

Blogger Blogspot Custom Domain Name

I think Blogger (or Blogspot) needs no introduction, this is the platform where each and every (almost every) popular blogger would have started blogging. But unfortunately due to the rise of WordPress, we all migrated. But we should always agree on the part that WordPress > Blogger but also the fact not everyone requires WordPress […]

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MySQL vs. SQL Server — What’s The Big Difference?

Two of the most all time popular database systems used by web developers today are MySQL and Microsoft’s MS SQL server. Both are similar in regards to being able to retrieve and store data on the respectful system. The two systems support primary keys along with key indices which allows you to speed up queries […]

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Move Your Content From Posterous to

We all know the sad story. will be gone forever on April 30th and the worst news is we have PostHaven from its co-founder, where we have to pay $5 per month to blog, remember the days we used to do like that for free? Moving Content From Posterous to is a […]

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[HOW TO] Register “.Edu” Domain Name

The power of the internet is overwhelming; the internet has consistently outgrown itself from year to year. Everybody, every brand, every businesses are going online to tap into the vast traffic and huge market share that exist online. Those online businesses can only function effectively if they individually have a web address – a domain […]

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