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How To Hide PHP Version Of Your Web Server

Hide PHP Version

Many popular CMSs are based on PHP and it is almost like backbone to them. They also play a very integral role in their security. Just like servers using outdated Apache or Nginx verion they also use outdated PHP for their functionalities and this is a big security issue. Hackers can easily take advantage of […]

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Turn Off Server Signature To Hide Server Version

Server Version Not Hidden

If you are into Blogging or Web Development then you would have possibly encountered terms like Apache, Nginx, etc. They are nothing but Web Servers and they both have their own benefits. There are many web servers like these and just like WordPress or any Operating System they also have their own versions, like 1.4.7 […]

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Necessity Of Choosing Hosting Server Free From Phishing Attacks

Phishing attacks involves the theft of sensitive information like username, password, details of the credit cards and the likewise through electronic communication. Of late there has been wide coverage of these fraudulent acts in different publications due to the massive rise in the number of phishing acts and also because of the sophistication that is […]

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Host Tip #3: Check Mail Server Blacklisting

Blacklist Check

The term looks new? Nope, this is the reason why some of your mails go to Junk/SPAM section. You would have thought it was because of the words contained in your email address and message. But it might also be due to blacklisting. If the MX IP addresses of the mail hosting service is blacklisted […]

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