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Theme Junkie launches Web Hosting and It Looks Good

Theme Junkie is widely known for creating premium WordPress themes and plugins. They have been in the business since 2009 and they have created more than 60 WordPress themes and plugins. After serving more than 23 thousand customers with their awesome themes, they are now in Web Hosting Business. The web hosting service that Theme […]

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DMCA Free Lookup Tool announced a Free WhoIs Lookup Tool recently, this will be useful for webmasters, domainers and bloggers. Using this lookup tool you can find out who owns/operates a website, network or ip address. This tool will be essential for doing domain research and other stuffs. DMCA’s Free WhoIs Lookup Tool [Screenshot – DeviceBAR WhoIs Details] […]

Continue reading Acquired By Fashion Television Media For $125,000 Acquired

Ammudamus from NamePros leaked the news that acquired by Fashion Television Media for $125,000. Acquired Ammudamus posted on NamePros: UPDATE: SOLD for $125,000! I am sure it was a monster sale, but was sold to This name was owned by Cybertavern who was the main investor behind the late Mrs. […]

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Cloud Computing & Education. Are They Friends?

Times are changing, we often hear this phrase. Apart from environmental, economical and political changes, technological advancements have also hit the news blogs more often than the former three ideas. The term Cloud Computing was also one such idea that eliminated and simply wiped off the concept of hardware and software used for the purpose […]

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Cloud Computing Security – Stronger Than It Seems

Cloud Computing is less discussed today as a breakthrough innovation in Internet and computer technologies as it entered the phase where it is involved in our everyday lives. At its core level, the cloud computing technology involves storing all the crucial data and proving services from a remote server of whose location the user is […]

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Cloud Computing: An Innovation Fashion In IT Industry

Cloud Computing is emerging as most innovative and advanced technology in all over world. It is considered as most effective solution for handling IT infrastructure. According to recent research the definition of the cloud has been difficult because this technology has many uses. At the same time, finding out where the cloud, mobile and big […]

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Cloud Computing Practices In Health Industry

Cloud Computing is regarded as most innovative and featured technology in information technology world. Cloud computing usage as resource organizer and helpful tool for maximizing business output. Many companies who have invested millions of dollars in building huge infrastructure for managing business activities and moving to cloud computing to save infrastructure cost. Health industry being […]

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Now You Can Use BigRock To Display Your Services [FREE]

BigRock DesignXchange

Indian Web Hosting Provider BigRock quite recently launched an online marketplace for web designers. BigRock named it as DesignXchange and it will be essential for website design solutions. It works in a simple manner, like -> List on DesignXchange -> Customers view your Portfolio -> Get New Customers. Use BigRock To Display Your Services Bhavin […]

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