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Domain Tip #6: Changing Domain Name Of A Website

Changing Domain Name

Changing domain name of your website? Cool, but before getting into this topic, I’ll answer why people change the domain name. There could be several reasons for this honestly, but I’ll tell the possible ones. These are the scenarios: 1. Copyright Infringement: Like, WordPress doesn’t want people to use the word “WordPress” on their domain […]

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Introducing Google Domains: Invite-Only Beta As Of Now

Google Domains

Now this is something I’m afraid of, because I’m not sure whether it is just a registration service or a better way for Google to know us further. Recently Google revealed about their invite-only-beta service – Google Domains. Google Domains – A Better Way To Register Domains? On their Google+ Page they stated that, “Google […]

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5+ Common Domain Name Myths You Shouldn’t Actually Believe

Domain Name Myths

Blogging is a very popular hobby, profession, passion, interest, etc., these days. Almost everyone has a blog just like they have a Facebook or Twitter profile. Talking about Blogging, they would have probably encountered the term ‘domain name’. The proverb “Little Knowledge is Dangerous” applies a lot here. We are going to see some interesting […]

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Protect Your Brand By Registering Typos Of Your Domain Names

registering typos domain names

If you own a Brand “Example”, then probably you should be owning “”. But is that enough? If you are aware about the term “Domain Phishing” then you should be registering some extra domain extensions to be safe. “Phishing” is the act of attempting to acquire sensitive information such as usernames, passwords, and credit card […]

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