10 Things You Need To Do After Buying A Domain Name

After Buying Domain NamesThe best way to establish your presence online is to buy a domain name. Once you have that, you need to get a few other basics down to secure the future of your business. Here are the top 10 things you need to do after you have bought a domain name.

1. Get matching social media URLs and names

Creating social media accounts tied to your business is vital to spreading the word about your business. You may not be able to get the same social media URLs and names that your domain name has but something close it would also work just fine.

2. Secure a corporation or LLC

Whether you have brought the domain name for a corporation, LLCs, partnership or sole proprietorship, you need to ensure liability protection for your business as well. Pick the one that matches the description and needs of your business.

3. Get trademarks for your business name

If you have just bought a domain name for a new brand, you need to register a trademark for it. This will protect you from infringing domain names and other infringing properties when you need to take legal action against someone trying to cash in on your business’ name.

4. Set your domain up on web hosting

You’ll need web space to actually get a website up. You can choose between cloud hosting to lower cost virtual hosting. After you have purchased the hosting, you would need to rename the name servers your domain to the name servers of the hosting company.

5. Create email addresses on Google Apps or your hosting

You can get your own email addresses that are not tied to a webmail provider or ISP when you own a domain. You can set this service up through Google Apps or your hosting service.

6. Get business phone and fax numbers and a PO Box

Getting a dedicated phone and fax number for your business is essential when building a company. You can always have these numbers forward calls to your cell phone or home phone or simply get a toll free number for your customer feedback and client services. A PO Box also helps you avoid the need to give out your home address for your business. This is also helpful if you are leasing premises for your business and would like the freedom to move to another place if the need arises.

7. Develop and design your website

To improve the reach of your business, you need to spend some time getting your website developed just right. It might be a trial and error process initially and you should be open to changing as many elements of it as the need be. Create catalog of your products, get testimonials and provide contact information on the website as well. You can also use WordPress to create your webpage though hiring a qualified web designer is usually worth the price.

8. Add SEO to your website

Once your website is live, you need to use measures like link building to get your SEO right. If done right, it would serve as a great source of targeted and free traffic. Pick an SEO provider that you are familiar with or research SEO tactics to learn more about what traits you should look for when hiring someone for it.

9. Market and advertise your business website

Once you have the website live and have SEO tactics in place, you need to begin marketing your website. Pick marketing platforms that suit your budget. You can go DIY and use social media or try other paid for advertising methods. If your business has a strong local flavor, you should also consider putting up flyers and posters and even the odd billboard if you have the budget for it.

10. Get business cards

Business cards may be a tad old-fashioned for a website-based business but it still does lend a nice professional touch. Order business cards with your own name and designation and a few stacks for your key employees. Order a set of business cards solely for your business which should have details of how clients and customers can get in touch for you. These would really come in handy at trade shows and business events.

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