5 Cool Android Applications For Webmasters

Since every man and his dog has a Smartphone these days, it makes perfect sense for web hosting service providers to create some awesome apps so that their targeted audience can enjoy greater access to their account while on the move. And you may never know, its impact can be far reaching. If they manage to include features that will let users buy new domain names, upgrade their accounts etc in these apps, they might see some growth in the sales volume. Being aware of the immense possibilities of apps, web hosting companies are now gearing up to make their app stand out from the rest. Thanks to this mad rush, we have got some of the coolest Android Applications For Webmasters that make it easier for you to make the most informed decision for your quest for the perfect and the most reliable web hosting service provider:

Android Applications For Webmasters

1. SingleHop Android App

Android Applications For Webmasters - singlehop

This app comes with a stunning slider feature that lets its users customize their public cloud components. This is really an innovative feature as it lets people scale up and down depending on traffic volume. If you see a remote possibility of traffic spike, you can make changes in the app and go for the upper scale. With this app you will be able to submit and reply to tickets, apart from doing other tasks like – viewing recent account activities etc. This app will notify you upon changes in account, releasing of new tickets, processing of invoices etc.

2. GoDaddy Android App


Go Daddy has always been ahead of other thanks to its massive presence online. Its Android app has got updated on October to facilitate the inclusion of a new email client. With this change, users will be able to access their email account at GoDaddy while on the fly. To simplify the tasks of managing media and other documents, GoDaddy’s android app includes online storage application.

3. Rackspace Android App


Managing cloud files and cloud servers has got a bit easier with Rackspace’s latest android app. With this powerful application, you will also be able to do some others tasks like – creating and viewing cloud files containers, resizing and deleting cloud servers etc.

4. SoftLayer Android App


This is another innovative app that saves a lot of hassles of its users. It is in fact treated as a complete customer package. With this app, users will be able to submit their ticket summary right in it, which is definitely a plus. Besides that, you will have all the details about the current cycle summary and it also shows the bandwidth total all the time. If you wish, you can also enable email notification on tickets just to ensure that you are missing out on anything important.

5. 1&1 Cloud Server Management Android App


Just like any other web hosting android app, this app will let you manage cloud server. There is an option to check the server status right at display screen. So, whenever you have the feeling there is something wrong with the web hosting, you can check the server status right from your android device. What is all the more interesting is that you can make changes in the server configuration right from your android device by using the slider. You can reconfigure the followings with slider configuration menu – hard-disk capacity, RAM and CPU cores.

If you know any other useful Android Applications For Webmasters, then let us know in the comments below.

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