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How To Find Hostname Of Your Database Server

Find Hostname Of Database Server

Database Hostname is often needed when you’re installing Content Management Systems, such as – WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc. If you don’t know what is Database Hostname, it refers to the physical location of your database. For your website to connect to your database, you need its hostname. Here’s an example of how database hostname is used […]

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Is SEO Alone Enough To Promote A Site?

I recently came across a site owner who was rather frustrated with the way his site is doing. He can’t seem to hit the traffic count he was aiming for, despite his extensive SEO campaign. One of the first questions he asked me was, “is SEO alone really enough to promote a site?” The quick […]

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How To Select A Better Domain Name?

Better Domain Name

If you are starting your business online, one of the first things you need to focus on is to register a better domain name that is suitable to your business and what you offer – products or services. Now this is a tricky situation for any entrepreneur, who is up for making a big. But […]

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Upgrade Your Web Ranking Through HTTPS Domain

For the famous search engines like Google, security remains on the top list. They make sure that their services make use of the protection which gives a boost to the industry. The powerful encryptions of https are one such leader of improving the site’s rankings. You can upgrade your website’s ranking through HTTPS. People tend […]

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Domain Tip #6: Changing Domain Name Of A Website

Changing Domain Name

Changing domain name of your website? Cool, but before getting into this topic, I’ll answer why people change the domain name. There could be several reasons for this honestly, but I’ll tell the possible ones. These are the scenarios: 1. Copyright Infringement: Like, WordPress doesn’t want people to use the word “WordPress” on their domain […]

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