Cloud Computing Practices In Health Industry

cloud computing health careCloud Computing is regarded as most innovative and featured technology in information technology world. Cloud computing usage as resource organizer and helpful tool for maximizing business output. Many companies who have invested millions of dollars in building huge infrastructure for managing business activities and moving to cloud computing to save infrastructure cost. Health industry being important part of business environment attracts lot of business. Naturally it also requires huge infrastructural requirements to function properly. Cloud Computing has become important requirement for health industry, companies how build lot of infrastructure to store customer data have and hospital related data are moving to cloud computing to secure their data and also minimize infrastructural costs. Different companies are utilizing cloud computing for different purposes.

Scalable Solution

As health industry systems require lot of data input, large of database infrastructural requirements have appraised because of it. Leading health industry companies are utilizing cloud computing for saving database infrastructural costing. As Database requirements are scalable and infrastructural requirements keep on changing with the time. Health industry companies are using .cloud computing to fulfill their scalable data requirements.

Mobility Solution

Health Industry is known for its mobility problems, Doctors are found not available in hospital because of mobility problems. Doctors cannot check and handle hospital activities outside office. They cannot rectify patient record and history. Patient has to come to hospital and extract the data and then has to meet doctor for consultancy. Fortunately Cloud computing has been utilized for overcoming Mobility solution. Doctors don’t have to stick to hospital they are available with cloud computing. Patients can consult doctors from home with cloud computing. Doctors can access patient’s data from hospital and prescribe medicines to the patients.

Cost Effectiveness solution

No doubt infrastructural costs have increased a lot with years. Hardware requirements with regards to Informational technology have increased a lot, resources involve in it requires huge investments. Health industries are utilizing cloud computing for reducing cost requirements and most importantly resource requirements have reduced tremendously with it. So cloud computing is viewed as most cost effective solution for health industry

Security Based Solution

Health industry companies involving huge infrastructural requirements they do spend millions of dollars for data security. Companies have built huge network based on very expensive security software, involving millions of dollars licensing. Also the resources involve in it are very expensive. Patients data in hospital and Doctors data, hospital internal administration data and research based data requirement do require lot of data security, Health industries are focusing on cloud Computing get maximum data security. Allowing them not only fulfilling security requirements but they can access data from anywhere for checking its sacredness.


Health industries like any other major industry are opting for solutions which are reliable and cost effective. Fortunately cloud computing both of these features so maximum health industry companies are focusing on it. They are utilizing cloud computing for cost effectives in terms infrastructure, maximizing data security and utilizing it for mobility. Hopefully health industry will get more involve in utilizing

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