Five tips for professional writers of SEO articles

Articles and blogs on SEO are a very important part of social media management and online PR services. Some Toronto SEO companies produce dozens of SEO-related articles a week to serve the needs of their clients, and mostly to drive traffic to particular websites. Posting fresh and appealing content on your website is one of the best strategies for introducing your brand to potential clients.

However, throwing a number of words on a page with the expectation that people will buy anything you try to sell them is far removed from reality. Content must be written in a way which is appealing to people and converts visitors.

The following are some tips for professional writers of SEO articles:

1. Make the most out of keyword research.

Take the necessary time to ensure Google notices your efforts at posting content on your website. Determine the phrases and keywords people use to discover your content and organize them into a spreadsheet. Find out how often you use the keywords in your writing and use online PR tools such as iWebTool to keep track of how well your content ranks for your particular keywords.

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2. Use the keywords with effect.

It is simply not enough to use keywords just one or twice in a copy. Your main keywords should be used not only in the article title but also in the first and last sentence of your content. Doing so ensures your content ranks better in search engines as well as in the eyes of your visitors. Always keep in mind that people are using a particular phrase in a search engine with the aim to learn more about a particular product before buying it. Having said that, it makes even more sense to present visitors with whatever they are after. If you do it the right way, you content will receive more attention and this is one of the strategies professional SEO article writers employ.

3. Provide people with the content they are after.

You are the person who knows your business like no one else. Decide on the type of advice you can offer as an expert in your field of expertise or at least discuss news related to your business. Some SEO article writers are great at producing original and catchy web content for blogs and websites.

4. Produce a lengthy enough content to attract attention.

Although having a hundred words of content on your site is better than nothing, search engines prefer lengthier content when they index articles and blogs. Try to produce no less than 300 words of content, but if you are capable of delivering 500 words or more, that’s even better.

5. Ensure you edit and proofread your content.

Self-editing is often what differentiates regular people from professional SEO article writers. There is a lot of software like Microsoft Word, Google Docs and OpenOffice, which makes it easy to accomplish this task. Formatting your content in a way that makes it aesthetically pleasing to the eye is important too. Keep clear from very long sentences and paragraphs that span for kilometers.

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