5 Hosting Companies To Earn Commissions Via Affiliate Marketing

Hosting Companies To Earn CommissionsWe always look for ways to earn more money from our blog. So this post is for those who want to earn commissions (in dollars) via blogging. You already know that Affiliate Marketing is a great way to make money as people doing that earn commissions from other websites. In Affiliate Marketing you don’t need to have any technical knowledge; you just need to refer the services of other websites to your customers. Now, the Hosting companies that host our blogs and websites are providing great ways to make money through affiliate marketing. So why not start partnering with them? Trust me, they help publishers to earn commissions for referring their services. To earn first you need to sign up as a publisher. And after signing up you will get your own referral link which you need to put on your site.

Hosting Companies To Earn Commissions [Affiliates]

Isn’t it great? Still thinking? Here are the top reasons why you should start Affiliate Marketing:

Payment is generally more than pay-per-click (PPC) programs. No need to wait for approval of your account. No need to do any coding works in your blog template. Ready to Earn Commissions Through Affiliates? Here are some of the top hosting companies to earn money through affiliate marketing:

1. HostGator

HostGator is one of the best companies that provide hosting facilities to website owners. They provide services like One Click Installation of WordPress & transfer of blogs other hosting companies. They not only host the websites in their servers but also help the website owners and bloggers to make money through referrals. If you refer HostGator services to your blog readers then you can easily make money. The commissions that you are going to earn from referrals will be according to the following chart:

1-5 per month — $50 /signup

6-10 per month — $75 /signup

11-20 per month — $100 /signup

21+ per month — $125 /signup

2. Bluehost

Bluehost is another hosting company that allows publishers to earn money through affiliates. They pay $65 per referral i.e. if someone signs up for their service through your link then you can get $65 as a commission.

3. DreamHost

DreamHost pay $97 for each direct referral. But unlike others, here you can also earn from sub-referrals. You need to refer users to the affiliate program and you will earn $5 for each referral they make.

4. BigRock

BigRock is yet another hosting company that pays publishers a commission of up to 1,500 INR for each referral. You can refer people to their hosting service, domain services and many such. You can also create your own coupon / promo codes, so that when people signs up using your codes you can earn commission.

5. iPage

Last but not the least, iPage pay $105.00 per referral that you make when new customers signs up for their hosting service. Those were some of the best hosting companies that your readers will love to sign up and you will love to earn commissions. So visit those sites, go to their affiliate program pages and create an account to get your referral links. You will also get pre-made banners that you can put in your site in order to attract readers to sign up through your link.

These are some of the popular hosting companies to earn commissions via affiliate marketing, do check these out, also if you know any other hosting company do mention in the comments below.

This article is written by Avi Jit. He owns SkyHiT BloG – a blog that talks about blogging in a unique way. If you wish to write for HostLater, kindly contact us.

11 thoughts on “5 Hosting Companies To Earn Commissions Via Affiliate Marketing”

  1. It is true that all of those companies you mentioned do indeed pay affiliates handsomely however there is something to be said about promoting companies that provide and excellent service and customer experience one that your visitors Wilkes later hate you for having referred them and unfortunately pretty much all of this conversation eventually fall exactly into that category LOL I would rather send my readers 2 a good host that is not shady and it actually provides a solid user experience even if it does Pay less it is well worth it to not feel like you just sold your soul LOL

  2. I’ve noticed that % commission has been removed by fixed amount lately. It certainly looks appealing at first, but if your site sells well and not only shared hosting but dedicated servers too then isn’t it fair enough to receive both % and fixed amount ?

  3. Hi Avi,
    I personally believe Hostgator is the best bet when it comes to Hosting Affiliates.Thank you for the rest of the list.keep up the good work

  4. It’s a very good post avi. I will surely join the above hosting sites to earn more commissions as they offer good services too. 🙂

  5. Avi Nash(Neek)

    You are right Avi, affiliate marketing is new on the market but I do believe it will rise more than PPC.It is one of the proffesional money picking source.Impressive blog,rising with splendid writer’s post like you Avi.


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