3 Unknown Risks Of Making Sites On Old Authoritative Domains

Well, the topic of this post might be seemed kinda strange. But do you know, a lot of people are still living in the old era of using aged domain names for seo. They believe starting up sites on an authoritative domain will help them to rank higher and better.

Yeah, that’s a very good idea, but that existed a few years ago, not now. Yesterday one of my friend asked me that he had bought a very aged domain with page rank of 4 and domain authority of 45. Now he wants to start up a new site on it. He asked for suggestions, will it be helping in seo?

Risks Of Making Sites On Old Authoritative Domains

At first, I felt that will be great, but after some times I came to realize I was totally wrong. I did some calculating and finally realized it would be a waste of bucks if we couldn’t properly buy it.
Here I want to share 3 unknown risks of buying and using old authoritative domains so no one might get his money wasted.

Risks Of Making Sites On Old Authoritative Domains

1. The history of domain might cost you

The history of domain names will be the main reason behind your success or failure. Without knowing it, we can’t even predict what will happen. Whatever is now doesn’t matter, because success for a short period doesn’t have any value.

The history of domain means how the site performed in the past. Here are a few things to know:

1. Backlinks: If the domain previously has a lot of backlinks, it will affect the new site for sure. If it was good, it might be your luck. But if it was spammed with thousands of backlinks, then there is no way out. That will seriously affect the new site.

2. Anchor Text: In case of backlinks, it’s not enough to only have backlinks pointing from authoritative sites. If the domain has a lot of keyword rich anchored backlinks, it will affect the new site as well.

3. Index Status: If the domain was not indexed in Google, Yahoo and also other popular directories, we can be sure that there was something wrong. And that will affect the new site also.

4. Penalization Status: If the domain was penalized by Google updates, some of its effects will be still on the new site. In fact, Google will know your new site that has been affected previously. So that might not be good at all for the new site.

So these are some serious reasons that will make both your domain and website invaluable. If something like the above happened already to the domain, then you might gonna pay for it.

2. Financially, It will be a Loss

In financial view, we will usually need a lot of money. If you are looking for a domain of page rank 5 and an authority of 50, it will cost at least 1500$-2000$, in fact that will be less. It will have no guarantee of ranking.

Instead, if you buy a new domain, get hosting and contact a good seo provider, you will get good results out of it for sure.

Suppose you have got a domain and hosting for max 200$ year, contacted an seo expert for working 50$ a day (1 month total 50$X30=1500$), your total spend money will be 1700$ where you will save at least 300$. And you will also start to make commissions within the first month. So you will be able to save even more.

So I think, buying domains will be financially a loss. Instead, spend the same money on a new website and you will get better results than that.

3. It might make you a bad impression

It’s true that building sites on old domains can make bad impressions. Actually, if the domain was popular before, it might have made a large number of audiences. There will be a ton of backlinks pointing to the site as well.

Now when you will start over a new site, the backlinks will usually refer so many visitors to broken links that existed before. So they will not get their required info and unfortunately they will be frustrated for sure.

So that might make a bad impact on the domain and the new site as well. It could make a bad impression for the website admin too. For that you will get nothing from the domain.

Are you really interested to buy one?

If you are really interested to buy one for your new website? You should probably make the following checkups:

1. First of all, run a link audit and analyze backlinks, referring domains and anchor texts.

2. Buy domain that had the same niche as yours. Try to get it at the lowest price.

3. Ask the seller for Google analytics report. So you can confirm that the domain was not penalised before.

4. Search the domain on various directories and search engines to confirm it has not been de-indexed.

5. It will be the best choice if you buy a whole website with contents in your niche. So there might not be any risk of bad impressions by the audiences.

Over to you!

And that was my own thoughts about making sites on old authoritative domains. If you really want to make one, you should think first. Then you can decide what to do.

But I’ll be always suggesting you to create a new brand and make it popular by your own hard works. There is no better alternative of it.

This article is written by Abrar Mohi Shafee. He is a web enthusiast who is the man behind the blog Blogging Spell. He is a blogger, internet marketer and as well as a web developer. Besides these professions, he is a college student having great interest of playing and gyming. He is active on his Google+.

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