Top 10 Oldest .Com Domain Names Registered

Every month we encounter new domain extensions and every minute a new domain name gets registered. So many domain names now and we don’t even really remember how many of them we own. But have we ever given thought about the oldest domain names ever registered? Do you actually know which was the first domain name ever to be registered and when it was?

We have compiled a list of top 10 oldest .com domain names ever registered.

Top 10 Oldest .Com Domain Names Registered

oldest .com domain names1.

Date: 03/15/85

Registered To: Symbolics


Date: 04/24/85

Registered To: BBN Technologies



Registered To: Thinking Machines


Date: 07/11/85

Registered To: Microelectronics and Computer Technology Corporation


Date: 09/30/85

Registered To: Digital Equipment Corporation


Date: 11/07/85

Registered To: Northrop Corporation


Date: 01/09/86

Registered To: Xerox


Date: 01/17/86

Registered To: SRI International


Date: 03/03/86

Registered To: Hewlett-Packard


Date: 03/05/86

Registered To: Bell Communications Research

These are the top 10 oldest .com domain names registered. I’m sure you’ll be surprised to see some domain names and also surprised that you didn’t see some domain names. Not many knew about the impact of domain names and internet those days, even I wish I could have registered some domain names right after I learned about it, but I didn’t.

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