Now You Can Use BigRock To Display Your Services [FREE]

Indian Web Hosting Provider BigRock quite recently launched an online marketplace for web designers. BigRock named it as DesignXchange and it will be essential for website design solutions. It works in a simple manner, like -> List on DesignXchange -> Customers view your Portfolio -> Get New Customers.

Use BigRock To Display Your Services

Bhavin Turakhia, founder of BigRock said in a statement that,

“Website design is a specialized activity which requires designers to understand the needs of the customer in depth and to customize a solution for their needs. While BigRock continues to focus on providing products for domains, hosting, and servers, we invite web designers to work with us and our customers to create mutual value for all of us.”

This image clearly explains what happens on BigRock DesignXchange.

Use BigRock To Display Your Services

What’s Special?

If you are a web designer or web development you can register on DesignXchange to display your services to respective customers. You can gain prospective users easily. According to some sources, right now they have 1,000+ web designers registered. This is a free service and you don’t need to pay.

How It Works?

If you are searching for local web designers, you can visit DesignXchange, specify your budget and other requirements there. It displays web designers accordingly. After you find a good designer to hire, you have to submit your contact information there. Right now this online marketplace does not allow customers to purchase web design services directly, hope this will changed after they upgrade.

How This Helps Designers?

Designers can use BigRock’s affiliate program to earn commissions on web hosting purchases they make on behalf of customers.

This seems to be a nice idea to engage affiliates. Also BigRock claims that they don’t take a cut out of your earnings from DesignXchange. So you won’t lose any money in the form of commissions, etc. It’s good to use BigRock to display your services and make profit out of it.

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