Bulk Domain Search – Yes, With A Single Click That Is.

If you are like me, then you would have probably searched domain names one by one manually every single time. Each time with and without .com domain extension that is. We never actually check whether there is an option for searching domain names in bulk. Most of the popular domain registrars provide the option to do bulk domain search – probably thinking that users will buy all the domain names at once.

The best thing about such search option is the ability to choose multiple TLDs while searching, that saves a lot of time for me. Below I shared two cool bulk domain search tools I used past week for registering some domain names.

GoDaddy – Bulk Domain Search

How many times you used GoDaddy and how many times you actually used this GoDaddy Bulk Domain Search option?

GoDaddy - Bulk Domain Search

Dynadot – Bulk Domain Search

Dynadot is another interesting domain registrar I encountered recently, they got lots of awesome ccTLDs. They also have a Dynadot domain bulk search tool. Pretty neat I would say.

Dynadot - Bulk Domain Search

I hope tools like these will be helpful for you to save all the important domain names for your brand. If you want to register all the TLDs for your brand “Example”, then you can search for all the TLDs like example.com, example.org, example.net, etc with a single click. Using options/tools like these will help you to save a lot of time, like it did to me.

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