Cloudways Black Friday Deal 2016 – 25% OFF For 3 Months!

Cloudways Black Friday Is Live Now!

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As the big event of Black Friday is approaching, all the web hosting companies are bestowing their great deals to attract new clients. Well, that is a good news for all those who are still planning and not taken the decision. Those people who are searching for better, compatible, and stable host for their websites, Cloudways is another reputed name among the big brands.

On this Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Cloudways is giving 25% off on three months subscription. You just need to apply a promo code – HOLIDAY25 while making the payment. Before going deep into features of Cloudways Managed web hosting, let’s first check out about cloud hosting and how this is different from other hosting services.

All of us have learned about shared and dedicated hosting in an elaborated form. But for those who need much more than that or necessitate a certain degree of expertise, Managed Cloud Hosting is the best option for them.

Managed Cloud hosting has given a new meaning to the older and tedious way of hosting which involved extra processes in the midway. It is just about you, the platform and the ready live website.

Whenever you install a new plug-in or extra feature to your website, there are lots of unwanted issues that you need to encounter. These problems may lead to interference with quality and built of the website. So, here comes the latest advancement of cloud hosting which will manage all your hustles at one go. You can choose your own server from the following cloud providers:

  • DigitalOcean
  • Vultr
  • Google Cloud Engine (GCE)
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)

So Cloudways is a Manage Cloud Platform for PHP (an excellent tool for creating vibrant and interactive Web folios) based web applications.

Features of Cloudways

  • Ultra-Steadfast Servers.
  • Provides 20x Faster Servers.
  • High-Class A2 Enhanced Tools.
  • Storing with Memcached and APC.
  • Best Version of PHP and MySQL.
  • 1-click  Standard Software.
  • Unlimited Disk Space, Data Transfer and Email Accounts.
  • Unique SwiftServer Platform.
  • Latest cPanel Control Panel.
  • Anytime Money Back Assurance.
  • Free Solid State Drives.

How To Grab Cloudways Black Friday

To get 25% off on these plans, you just need to follow a simple procedure.

  • Choose your plan from this page
  • Click on Start Free
  • Provide you email, password and enter the promo code HOLIDAY25. This promo code will be beneficial for you when you upgrade your account after free trial session
  • After filling up the details, click on Start Free Trial
  • On the next screen, you have to give you phone number to get verification code
  • Go to your email inbox and check for all the details sent by Cloudways
  • From the email itself, you have to click on password reset link.
  • After setting the password, go to -, and log in with your eMail address and password.

The above process is what you need to follow for the registration on Cloudways. All the cloud providing servers are providing you with different free trial sessions for limited period. After that, you can pay for the plan which you find beneficial. Long term plans are always better in the long run, but Cloudways is giving 25% Black Friday Deal for three months subscription. So even if you don’t want to go for a yearly plan, the three months discount is also a good offer.

Final Verdict

Therefore, whoever requires specialized service with full stability in your website, can choose Cloudways as their host. The pricing is affordable as compared to others and the services are fantastic. Easy and on-the-go one click installers and heroic support team, is ideal for established or upcoming businesses.

So friends, go and grab the power of Cloud Servers and enjoy uninterrupted web services. Do share this offer with friends, who are looking for stable web servers.

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