Don’t Use WordPress Domains – Avoid The Term “WordPress”

This is not exactly a new news but I thought of publishing it here since a friend of mine recently encountered a problem because of this.

To make it simple – “WordPress Doesn’t Want You To Use ‘WordPress’ On Your Domain Name”

It’s not because they want to keep their brand to themself but they frequently encounter spammy sites distributing plugins and themes with malware in them. Personally I think this is a great move and WordPress being the king of blogging deserves such action to protect their brand.

WordPress Domains

It’s easy to trick people by registering such domain names and spread malware. Moreover the users are also getting confused whether such sites are affiliated to the main WordPress sites or not. You can learn more about this on their WordPress “About Domains” page.

WordPress Domains – What You Can Do?

WordPress is ok if you are going to use ‘wp’ instead of ‘WordPress’, so if your site is you can better make it as and redirect it.

Meanwhile if you are using the term ‘WordPress’ on your subdomain, say like, they are cool with it. They are just concerned about the top-level domain names.

Some other popular brands are following the same thing I guess, I also heard a similar dispute with Facebook attacking blogs having its brand name.

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