Domain Tip #2: Backlinks From .EDU or .GOV Domains Are Not Special Unless…

Unless they have PageRank! Most of the people forget this main thing, they think getting a backlink from .edu or .gov domain name is just enough for them to get good rankings, but they should have good link authority and they should be linked by reputed sources. You would have seen so much of services online providing .edu and .gov backlinks, but the trick is, you’ll have backlinks from .edu and .gov websites which doesn’t have good PageRank, so in the end you pay for almost nothing.

Recently I across this post from Digital Inspiration and thought of sharing this with you. Matt Cutts (Head of webspam at Google) said:

Websites “don’t get any PageRank boost from having an .edu link or .gov link automatically. If you get an .edu link and no one is linking to that .edu page, you’re not going to get any PageRank at all because that .edu page doesn’t have any PageRank.”

edu gov backlinks

John Mueller (Google Switzerland) also added the statement saying Google will “generally treat all links the same – be it from .gov or .edu or .info sites.”

So next time, when you are building .edu and .gov backlinks, do see their link authority and PageRank.

3 thoughts on “Domain Tip #2: Backlinks From .EDU or .GOV Domains Are Not Special Unless…”

  1. Hey,
    I do agree with you that it is useless building links in .edu and .gov if they do not have good page Rank. To get the quality back links it is necessary to build the links in High PR .edu pages then only our blog’s rank will increase.

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