Find Domain Name Age – How Old Is Your Domain Name?

Ever wondered how old a domain name is? Yes, domain name age? We know our ages, I’m 23 and you might be 25 or 50 or above that. But for a domain name? Is there an easy way to check it rather than going through all those WhoIs records and calculating the age. Yes, we do have.

Finding Domain Name Age

We have a tool called Webconfs and we also have the option to check the age of domain names in bulk. We checked the ages of all our Slashsquare blogs and HellBound Bloggers (HBB) is leading them.

We can also find the age of popular domain names such as Google, Facebook, Wikipedia, etc.

Google Domain Name Age

If you ask me whether there is any other use for checking the age of domain names, I would like to recollect that a domain’s history affects Google’s Trust. So you’ll know how long your site is live and what changes might had happened.

HBB Domain Age

You can also try Moonsy for this and also you have various tools for finding out the age.

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