GoDaddy Refer A Friend Program – What’s The Benefit?

[thrive_text_block color=”note” headline=””] Note: GoDaddy stopped its Referral Program a long ago. But you can still join its Affiliate Program via or[/thrive_text_block]

Whenever we think of registering domain names, we automatically go to GoDaddy. Who hates the $1 promo codes? Now here is a good chance to help your friends get 20% off their order and also for you to get $5 store credit. Introducing “GoDaddy Refer A Friend Program”.

GoDaddy Refer A Friend Program

Go to Go Daddy’s Refer A Friend Program Page and you can see the instructions like below.

GoDaddy Refer A Friend Program

Now you need to create your own referral own for spreading your love. To create your referral code enter a unique combination of numbers and letters. It should be maximum 7 characters. By default it’ll start with the word ‘WOW’. We created two referral codes ‘WOWdotCom’ and ‘WOWComCode’. But for one account you can create only one referral code.

create promo code go daddy

That’s all you are done! Now you can spread your referral code all over the web (without spamming, yes) and gain credits whenever a new customer signs up. You can also share this code with your friends and they can get 20% off their orders.

comcode referral go daddy

The best part is you can easily track the credits whenever your friend uses your referral code. Now you can go ahead, create your referral code and spread the love to earn credits!

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