Turn Off Server Signature To Hide Server Version

If you are into Blogging or Web Development then you would have possibly encountered terms like Apache, Nginx, etc. They are nothing but Web Servers and they both have their own benefits. There are many web servers like these and just like WordPress or any Operating System they also have their own versions, like 1.4.7 or 2.5, etc.. just some weird numbers.

But unfortunately not many servers are updated with latest Apache or Nginx versions and this is a big security issue. People can easily find your server version and install some vulnerable software. So it is better to turn off server signature to hide server version. We’ll see how we can implement that on a server, before that you can see the difference below:

Before Turning Off Server Signature

Server Version Not Hidden

After Turning Off Server Signature

Hide Server Version

See, the server version (1.4.7) is hidden in the second screenshot and it is difficult to determine whether the server is using old or latest version of Nginx. You can use any HTTP Headers tool for finding this.

Turning Off Server Signature – Hide Server Version

Now we’ll see how we can turn off that server signature. We used Web Host Manager for cPanel (WHM) to access our server. Go to “Service Configuration” and then “Apache Configuration”. Under the heading “Global Configuration” you can make the changes.

WHM Apache Configuration

There will be section called “Server Signature”, and you need to turn that off to hide your server version. That’s it.

WHM Server Signature Turn Off

If you find these steps difficult you can just ask your web host to do that for you. If are doing it manually by yourself and if you face any difficulties do let us know in the comments below. I used this simple tip to check various popular blogs and unfortunately some of them are using outdated versions. Simple issues like these end up as a pile of mess and this is a kind of mess good for hackers.

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