HostGator Affiliates Can Win Apple iPad 2 [OFFER]

HostGator Affiliate? Send sales on January 2012 and be entered for a chance to Win an iPad 2!

How To Win Apple iPad 2?

HostGator iPad 2Every affiliate who sends a valid sale is eligible! For every valid sale you send January 1st through January 31st 2011, you will have 1 “raffle ticket” entered into the drawing and winners will be chosen at random once sales have been verified (pending the standard affiliate approval period). The contest will run through the month of January, beginning January 1st and ending at 11:59PM CST January 31st, 2012.

Only valid sales will be eligible for a “raffle ticket”. The standard affiliate approval period applies, with sales being checked the end of March (paid out the very beginning of April) and the winners announced the beginning of April.

Special Offer and Coupon Code

30% off Baby and Business hosting packages. Even easier to send sales and increase your chances to win the iPad 2.

Simply have your visitors and clients use the coupon code: JAN30

This coupon code expires January 23. Send sales to one of their pre-made landing pages and increase your conversion rate.

Special Offer / Discount Landing Pages:

Application Specific landing pages

In order to increase your sales using these landing pages, you can tweak your affiliate link. To link to these pages, please do the following to your affiliate link:

To link to one of these pages, simply add “&page=http://www.INPUTLINKHERE” (remove “ ” and input the actual link) to the end of your affiliate link.

So it would look something like this (make sure and use your affiliate link with your affiliate username)

For example,

Remember you can use this type of format for any deep linking on their site. You can use this to link to their reseller, VPS or dedicated hosting pages as well.

[Via HostGator Affiliate Newsletter]

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  1. Jai @ Tech India

    just checked my email, even I have received the same but for the second time in this month.. HostGator is always #1 web hosting because of its affiliates..

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