How To Set Up Private Name Servers For Domain Names

Private Nameservers? Probably people using Shared Hosting would not heard about this. Obviously, they are not underworld servers having private identity. 😛

What are Private Name Servers?

Normally the default generic name servers of HostGator will be like and, you will have to use their generic name servers.

Private name servers are your own custom private name servers which will be normally like and

If you set up private name servers, then it will look like these:

Unfortunately for some shared hosting, they won’t provide the option for creating your own.

Set Up Private Name Servers

If you try to enter your private name servers on GoDaddy, it will show “Nameserver not registered” errors. Check the below image.

Set Up Private Name Servers

Yes, they are right, yours are not registered. So we need to register them.

1. Go to your GoDaddy account, and select the required domain name.

2. Now in the Domain Manager area, go to Host Summary details. Click on the link “add”.

Set Host and IP Addresses

3. Now, here’s the main part. Use :

Host name : NS1

Host IP 1 : The IP Address of your site.

After entering, save it. Now create another separate entry for NS2. That’s all. After few minutes you can see the entries NS1 and NS2 below the “Host Summary” Column like this.

Host Summary

That’s all, now you can easily enter your custom name servers and they won’t show the errors like before. HBB moved to KnownHost VPS and we are having a cool experience there.

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