5+ Interesting GoDaddy Features That Makes Your Work Better

Interesting GoDaddy Features

Just like some people believe there is only one search engine (Google), there are some people who also believe there is one and only domain registrar and that’s GoDaddy. We all love GoDaddy (thanks to their $1 .com promo) and we have plenty of domain names with them. But are we making full use of them?

Interesting GoDaddy Features

We normally just use GoDaddy for registering domain names or web hosts, but there are some interesting GoDaddy features that saves your time and also has lots to offer. Do check the list below.

1. Bulk Domain Search

Have you ever thought of searching domain names (with different domain extensions) in bulk?

GoDaddy Bulk Domain Search

2. WhoIs Lookup

An exclusive WhoIs lookup database powered by GoDaddy.

GoDaddy WhoIs Lookup

3. Auctions

Become the highest bidder and grab your desired domain names.

GoDaddy Auctions

4. gTLD

.GURU, .MAIL, .WEB, etc – Have you ever known these domain extensions?

GoDaddy gTLDs

5. Coupons

Some exclusive GoDaddy coupons to save some bucks from your pocket.

GoDaddy Coupons

6. Affiliates

Now you can also promote GoDaddy and earn from it. Win-win situation.

GoDaddy Affiliates

7. Internationalized Domain Name

Ever thought of registering a domain name in your native language?

GoDaddy Internationalized Domain Names

I personally loved the bulk domain search and gTLDs options, been using them for a while. Next time when you use GoDaddy, don’t forget to try these features.

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