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 Quick note: This is a promotional offer. That means this Interserver 1 cent coupon will be available only for limited time so make sure to quickly avail this offer.

Quick note: This is a promotional offer. That means this Interserver 1 cent coupon will be available only for limited time so make sure to quickly avail this offer.

Interserver is so confident about its services that it lets you try the shared hosting and VPS hosting for just one cent.

Are you wondering about how to quickly grab Interserver hosting just for 1 cent? Let’s get into the details without much ado.

How to Get 1 Cent Hosting From Interserver

Here is how you can get this offer.

You can get your hosting for 1 cent very easily. Just follow these simple steps below.

Go to Interserver Penny Offer Page and click on “Buy Now” button.

Now you will be taken to “Interserver Order Form” page.

Choose the hostname you want for your site.  If you already have a domain name registered, click on the “I have a domain name already and will use that”. If you don’t have one then click on “I want a new domain name for my site”.

Now give a little bit of thought in choosing your domain. Choosing a wrong domain name that won’t suitable for your website costs you for a long period of time. Your domain name should represent what you are going to offer in one or two words.

If you want to buy the domain name from Interserver, then select ‘Register New’ and enter your login name and password.

Enter all the details your name, address and phone number. Click on “continue”.

How To Buy Interserver Shared Hosting For One Cent

InterServer which is a budget-friendly provider specializes in shared and VPS hosting. InterServer shared hosting plan comes at just $5 per month. And you can use promo code: TRYINTERSERVER to get the first month of hosting for only 1 penny.

This hosting plan includes good number of features like one-click installs, 24/7 customer support, a free migration service, “unlimited” features and much more.

One great thing about InterServer hosting services is, it provides impressive hosting performance.

Most of the hosting sites shoot for a 99.9% uptime and many won’t reach that. However, InterServer manages to keep site up 100% most of the time. The hosting response speed is highly impressive.

InterServer keeps its servers around 50 percent capacity. That means that when you use the servers, you have more resources at your disposal than you get with many of the other shared hosting companies out there.

InterServer only allows 100 new customers a day. And so, it never overburdens its servers. That’s a GOOD news for you. Why? The less customers who get access to using your hosting servers the faster your website loads. It’s as simple as that.

That being said, choose the web hosting you want and click on “Buy Now”. It will take you to this page.

Here enter your website domain name and coupon code to avail the offer. And then click on “Order”.

How To Buy Interserver VPS Hosting For One Cent

InterServer VPS plan is highly customizable. VPS clients can customize just about everything from their preferred operating system to the software, control panels, and required CPU power.

VPS plans are offered at an incredibly low monthly price which comes in one of two flavors Linux cloud VPS or Windows cloud VPS. You can pay month-to-month or enjoy a 10% discount by paying for a year’s worth of VPS hosting upfront. All packages come with a 99.5% uptime and 100% power guarantee.

They refer to both of these plans as a “slice” of a virtual server.You can purchase as many slices as you wish, with each one being equal to 25GB space, 1024MB memory and 1TB transfer and prices starting at $6.00 for open source plans.

However, they do not offer a trial period or money back guarantee. All billing is month to month. So, if you are not satisfied, you can cancel any time.

Now, let’s see how to buy VPS hosting for one cent. Click on “Buy Now” button and it will take you to the below page.

Just click on any button under “Recommended Configurations”. And the left side part gets filled automatically. So, you will understand the price, memory, storage etc.

Once you finalized which one to go based on your needs, then click on “continue to next step”. Based on the configuration you selected, it shows buying option.

Enter your hostname and the root password you set just before. If you are updatedreviews viewer then you can use coupon code: UPDATEDREVIEWS and click on “continue” button to buy.

Most of the other VPS hosting providers require users to pay for bundled software and apps. But,  InterServer only requires its clients to pay for what they need and use. So, pay for what you want.


No matter which level of hosting you need, InterServer offers a price-lock guarantee which means you will pay the same price for the same infrastructure and features for the life of your account. No increments in annual rates.

If you are a starter, I recommend to buy InterServer shared hosting plan as VPS plan requires lots of setup where a non-techie finds it difficult. So what do you think about Interserver 1 cent coupon? Do you have any questions?

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