Introducing HostLater, Because Hosting Matters

HostLaterWhen I started Blogging, I thought Blogger (Blogspot platform) is the World for me. Later, people bragged about WordPress, and its functions. Impressed by that, I moved there. Changing the platform was once inevitable, but now people with professional goals seek WordPress.

Even the perfect CMS can be determined, but picking the perfect “Hosting” is difficult. There are hell lot of factors for considering a good web host. Some include :

  • Price (probably on a year basis)
  • Technical Support (Live Chat is best, though Ticket System can also be helpful)
  • Technical Specification (Disk Space, Bandwidth, Subdomains, etc)
  • Control Panels offered (Pick either cPanel or Plesk)

These are some of the common factors you should consider before buying a web host. When I brought GoDaddy web hosting for HellBound Bloggers (HBB), I was not aware about such things, I blindly picked it and I later moved on to HostGator, then KnownHost VPS. The reason for switching is not of bad performance, but the lake of specifications to control HBB‘s growth. I could have saved some money if I picked a better host stable for my blog’s traffic earlier.

Introducing HostLater

HostLater will be helpful for people to pick the best ones, let it be Shared, VPS, Dedicated or Cloud. Though not very talented, we have people experienced with leading web hosting providers.

What’s Next?

You can connect with HostLater on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube for interesting host tips and discounts.

13 thoughts on “Introducing HostLater, Because Hosting Matters”

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  2. Great! it will be nice to have a separate blog where you can discuss about hosting. Even I had faced some problem while selecting a Hosting.

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