Top 10 Most Expensive Domain Names Of All Time

Expensive Domain NamesPeople guard their domain names like they guard their houses or their lockers. Why? Because they are not just domain names, but something more valuable, something which can help them make more money by utilising it properly.

There are some domain names which are popular but their popularity won’t last long. Say if you got a domain name like or even, it is seriously a great thing, but it will last only when iPhone 5S is popular, right? When people are using iPhone 7 or 8, then probably we won’t even remember there was a model called “iPhone 5S”, these are just temporarily effects.

But think of some standard names like or (my personal favourite), these are permanent and have ever-lasting impact. This is our list, the most expensive domain names, at least while I’m writing this article.

10. and ($7.5 Million)

9. ($8.5 Million)

8. ($9.5 Million)

7. ($9.9 Million)

6. ($11 Million)

5. ($13 Million)

4. ($16 Million)

3. ($30 Million)

2. ($35 Million)

1. ($35.6 Million)

So if you are holding a good domain name, make sure you know its future before selling it. If you are looking forward for registering new domain names, then here is our guide – 20+ Interesting Domain Name Tips That May Surprise You.

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