Protect Your Brand By Registering Typos Of Your Domain Names

If you own a Brand “Example”, then probably you should be owning “”. But is that enough? If you are aware about the term “Domain Phishing” then you should be registering some extra domain extensions to be safe. “Phishing” is the act of attempting to acquire sensitive information such as usernames, passwords, and credit card details. This is mostly done by faking a website. Suppose if you own, then those phishers will register to do the trick. They also focus on typos, something like exmple, exanple, exampple, etc.

You can avoid this by registering typos domain names of your brand and we have found an interesting tool from for making this easy.

Registering Typos Domain Names

Domain Typo Finder makes the work easy. They analyse the domain name and apply each of the common set of typos to it and then check the availability of that typo. Interesting isn’t it?

registering typos domain names

These methods include:

  • QWERTY keyboard slips
  • Missing letters
  • Double letters
  • Letter swapping
  • Look alikes (the letter l and the number 1)
  • Extra or missing hyphens

You can also use this tool for Trademark and Copyright typos. You can use those for defensive purposes. Registering typos domain names will hurt your budget but it will help you to avoid issues like phishing, trademark and copyrights, etc.

USEFUL TIP: Bulk Domain Search – Yes, With A Single Click That Is.

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