Email Delivered Late? You Can Find The Reasons Behind It.

Email Delivered LateThis happens to me every single day, especially while having a conservation with my advertisers. I usually wait for minutes to receive a reply, it was very confusing to me – like why the hell his email delivered late to me? I started to wonder whether it has anything to do with my advertiser’s laziness or our mail server. Then I comforted myself saying it should be a Gmail glitch and Google should be working on it right now. Normally it’ll take seconds to receive an email, so I investigated further and learned about a tool, fortunately from a reputed brand like Google, then I thought of writing an article about it here.

Email Delivered Late? What Really Happened?

We are going to use something called “Message Headers” for finding the reason and since they use a standard format, it’ll be compatible with all the popular email services. Now just open any email which was delayed, you can see that down-facing arrow mark drop-down box, click on it and choose the “Show Original” option.

Email Show Original

I guess you can see various mail configurations blah blah. This is how “Message Headers” look like, just copy it. Now we are going to use Google’s Message Header Analyzer Tool. This tool can identify delivery delays, give you approximate source of delay and also find out who may be responsible for the delay.

Now paste your entire message header here and click “Analyse” button.

Google Apps Toolbox Message Header

Below you can see the output, you can find where and how the delay happened. As you can see there was a delay of 3 minutes and it happened from (dammit!). I guess the glitch was not from Google, but from my our mail server, I’m working on it though. 😛

Google Apps Toolbar Analyse Header

This is a very useful tool and I’m using it to check various emails to figure out the reasons for the delay. Do check this tool and let us know your views.

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