Redirect Tumblr Blog To Another Domain Name

Redirect Tumblr BlogPersonally I’m a big fan of Tumblr and I have been blogging there for almost 2 years. It is really simple and also looks professional. But sometimes you don’t blog there often, you need a blog there but you can’t manage it properly or you want to blog after sometime. I wanted to tell my readers there that I have been stuck with some issues and can’t blog properly. But it looked odd to me, then I decided I should find a way to redirect Tumblr blog to my desired URL, like a domain name or Facebook profile/page. I experimented with various scripts and found this one to be working perfectly.

Redirect Tumblr Blog

Log into your Tumblr account, now click the “Customize” option under your desired blog.

Tumblr Customize Option

Now you’ll get an option to customize/edit your HTML template.

Tumblr Customize Theme

Click on the “Edit HTML” option. Now here’s the coding part and it’s not difficult as well. You just need to paste this redirection script under your <head> tag.

<script type=”text/javascript”>

Tumblr Edit HTML

Replace “” with your desired URL. Thus we redirected our MoviesDrop Tumblr blog to our main MoviesDrop blog.

Earlier we wrote a tutorial on how to use custom domain name on Tumblr blog, this might be useful to you if you are blogging there regularly. It will make your blog look professional and branded as well.

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