[HOW TO] Register “.Edu” Domain Name

The power of the internet is overwhelming; the internet has consistently outgrown itself from year to year. Everybody, every brand, every businesses are going online to tap into the vast traffic and huge market share that exist online.

Those online businesses can only function effectively if they individually have a web address – a domain name. A domain name is a unique identifier that is entered into the URL or address bar of a web browser that directs users to any desired website of their choice.

You want to start an online business – and you’re wondering how to get a “.edu” domain name? Have you being wondering how they register “.edu” domain names?

Well, EduCause.edu is a non-profit organization which handles all “.edu” registration. Unlike “.com”; “.net”; “.org” which all has numerous registrars; the sole accreditation of “.edu” registration is only awarded to one organization – Educause.edu.

You want to know how you can get a unique “.edu” domain name with them? Make sure your institution meets all the eligibility requirements.

Below is a simple way to register “.edu” domain name with EduCaus.edu–

1. From your web browser, go to EduCause.edu and click on the “Request a New Domain” link situated at the top-most part of the website.

2. Now, from the newly opened page- scroll down to the far end of the website and input the .edu domain name of your choice in the search bar just after “.edu Domain Name Availability Lookup”. After writing down your desired domain name – click on “Check Domain”.

Availability Lookup

3. The next page that will come up will determine whether the domain you chose in step two is available or not. If the .edu domain name isn’t available – you would be required to input another domain name and click on “Check Domain” again.

If the domain name is available – you will be taken to another page called “Domain availability results”.

4. Still on the new page – scroll down to the end of the page and click on “Request This Domain”.

check domain availability edu

But before you click on it, there is some important information you have to understand, which they’ll need you to fill on the next page after you click on “Request This Domain” button.

Below is some of the important information you will need to get yourself aquatinted with before you proceed:

Institution Name

This is the legal name and address of the group or institution requesting to get the .edu domain name. The institution must have a legal name and must be affiliated to one of the accredited agencies that EduCause has given the right to give out “.edu” domain names.

institution eligible


You will need to set an initial password that you’ll use in creating and managing your .edu domain name.

Administrative Contact

This is the name of the person or group who is responsible for the administrative details of the “.edu” domain name.

Technical Contact

This is the name of the person or group that is responsible for the technical details of the domain name.

Billing Contact

This is the name of the person or group who responsible for the billing on the domain name.

Primary And Secondary Domain Name Servers

You’ll have to direct your domain to your website. The name servers should be set appropriately so that it will respond to queries from your domain name.

5. Having read the above, click on “Request Domain Name” and continue with the domain name registration.

6. Input the institution name, state and address for the “.edu” domain and click on “search”.
The post-secondary institution that you’re affiliated with must be a verified and accredited agency of the U.S Department of Education. If your agency isn’t listed when your “search” queries returns – it means, you cannot create a “.edu” domain name.

If the list returns with your agency’s name on the search query – click on the institution’s name.

7. You’ll be prompted to create a password for the domain name. Enter the password of your choice and click on “Next”.

create domain password edu

8. Just as I have being able to explain above – you’ll be asked to enter the name of an “administration contact”; “Technical contact”; and “Billing contact” – I have explained them above.

9. Enter the appropriate details of your Primary and Secondary Domain Name Servers (DNS). Contact the hosting company you’re currently using – so that they can help you out with the proper settings.

10. When you’re through, a verification email will be sent to you to confirm the activation of your “.edu” domain. EduCause.edu will review and go through your application to see whether you or your group are competent enough to get approved or not. You may likely get a reply from EduCause.edu after 1 week of registration.

Following the above steps will make it much easier to register a ”.edu” domain name from the internet.

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