Search Domain Name Availability Through GTalk (Google Talk)

Previously we saw how to search domain names in bulk and I’m pretty sure that was a time-saving tip. Now we have another similar tip, thanks to Gtalk.

We have used Gtalk (or Google Talk) for chatting, sending files, etc. But for searching domain names? For getting domain name suggestions? Not exactly I guess. Domain name availability through GTalk? We’ll show you how it actually works.

Domain Name Availability Through GTalk

With the help of I Need Name and Gtalk we are going to perform this trick. is a domain name search service through Gtalk.

Open your Gtalk (in your email or chat app) and add this email address “” as your contact.

Add Email Address GTalk - Domain Name

After you have successfully added “” as your contact, you can see “I Need Name” on your chat list. Now its time for a little chat.

GTalk Email Address Contact

Just like you are talking with a friend or ex-girlfriend, you can casually search for domain names. This service not just tells the status of the domain availability but also gives suggestions including ccTLDs.

Instant response and user-friendly, this could save you lots of time if you are searching for some domain names to register.

Domain Name Availability Through Gtalk

Wonderful isn’t it? It gives you the result within few seconds. I totally loved this service and I don’t even need to open any new site and wait for domain name availability status.

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