Host Tip #1: Server Location Affect SEO

The question you should ask is, “Whether the geographic location of the web host has any significant ranking factors for organic SEO?”. Unfortunately the answer is “Yes”. If your site’s URL is international or generic like .com or .net, then your server location plays a big role. In short, Server Location affect SEO.

Google Ranking and Server Location

Google considers the location of web server while ranking its pages. Google can easily find the web server location through IP address of web server or through TLD code. Google normally relies on the latter for geolocation.

Server Location Affect SEO

It’s really simple to understand. If your server is in UK, then search engines think your site will be better for UK users. The scenario will be different for users from other countries.

Server Location Affect SEO? Matt Cutts From Google [VIDEO]

In this video Matt Cutts explains what our article is discussing about.

You can also check this video below where Matt answers for “What impact does server location have on rankings?”

Google Webmaster Tools – Target Users

You can also use Google to target users from specific countries. Go to Webmaster Tools, click on your website, then click Settings under Site configuration.

Target Users Using Google Webmaster Tools

Now you can select any specific country or use the “Unlisted” option if you don’t target anything particularly.


If you are still confused, go to both and Perform the same search, and you can see some sort of difference.

It’s really simple, if you want high ranking in London, your server must basically be located in London. Because the location of the servers gives the search engines the location of your business and thus the targeted visitors for that. In the case of “cloud”, it will also be the same.

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