Domain Tip #4: Spam Domain Names – Should You Buy Them?

As a domain flipper I registered so much of domain names including fresh and old ones, but I always used to have this thought whether I can trust those old ones? I get so much of questions, like, why the hell the old owner should ditch this domain name? Did he/she use any black-hat tactics and got penalised?

Sometimes I do end up with some spam domain names, they have thousands of spammy links circled around. I often wonder whether I can make them rank better or should I close this domain chapter and open a new one. Interestingly I found a similar question from a guy and the answer was given by Matt Cutts, you can check them below.

Spam Domain Names

Spam Domain Names – Should You Buy Them?

Johan Tavard from Thailand asked an interesting question,

“Can I buy a domain name on the secondary market that has a lot of spam on it and still rank? How can I reset the SEO of that domain ? Thousands of root domains coming from spam.

In the follow on comments he said that the domain he is thinking about buying will be $5000 US dollars.

Matt Cutts’s Reply To This:

I’ll explain what Matt Cutts said in the video, there are two kinds of spam we normally face – manual spam and algorithmic spam. The former is a soft one but the latter isn’t. Manual spam has an eventual timeout but algorithmic one is a tedious one and has lots of procedures to follow.

If you were able to clean all the spam content, all those spammy links, etc on your domain, then probably it suits manual spam and it can recovered within a matter of time. Thanks to Google Reconsideration Request. But, unfortunately, if that domain has huge amount of spammy links and when it becomes difficult to clean up, it suits algorithmic spam. We’ll be having a hard time clearing that.

Matt mentions the tactic “churn and burn tactic”, which is normally done by spammers to rank domain names better using illegal methods like spammy link building, cheating Google, etc. He also advises us that if we are not able to clear the mess present in that spammy domain, then it is going to be a big problem, so investing such a huge amount (like 5000$) is a total waste. We can instead start with a fresh domain name without any issues.

So instead of spam domain names you can pick out some fresh and clean domain names. You can also check out our domain name tips for registering some good ones.

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