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We all know the sad story. will be gone forever on April 30th and the worst news is we have PostHaven from its co-founder, where we have to pay $5 per month to blog, remember the days we used to do like that for free?

Moving Content From Posterous to is a blog web hosting service provider owned by Automattic, and powered by the open source WordPress software.

First you need to backup your Posterous Spaces. I explained it clearly on this tutorial. Refer that. After downloading the backup, just open the ZIP file. It contains all your images, audio, and video files.

wordpress export file


They also have the directory containing a web page for each of your posts. It includes a file named wordpress_export_1.xml (Posterous XML file). You’ll use this file to import into

Signup or Log Into

If you don’t have a then sign up for one. If you already have one account, just log into it. Go to your Dashboard, then “Tools” -> “Import”. Now from the list of Blogging services, select “Posterous”. By this you can Import posts, comments, images, video, and categories from a Posterous export file. Posterous Import

Now just upload your Posterous XML file and we’ll import the posts, comments, categories, images, and video into this site.

Posterous File

That’s all. After the import all your content (includes images, posts, comments, etc) to blog. Welcome to WordPress. 🙂

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