Use Bing To Find Other Domains Hosted On A Web Server

Earlier we saw how to check the subdomains under a domain name and today we are going to see how to find other domain names hosted on a web server. We need Command Prompt (Windows) or Terminal (OS X) and Bing to find other domains hosted on a web server.

How This Process Works?

Normally all the servers have a unique IP Address, so if a website is hosted on that, it’ll have the same (more or less) the same IP address. This is similar for all the websites hosted under it. So we should be finding the IP address of the main website.

Finding The IP Address

We can easily convert domain name into IP Address with the help of Command Prompt (Windows) or Terminal (OS X). I used Terminal for determining the IP address of “”.

Use this command


Terminal IP Address

And you get the IP address ( there! Now copy that IP address and go to

Use Bing To Find Other Domains Hosted

Use this search query or type the one shown below:


Bing To Find Other Domains

That’s it. Now you can get the list of domain names under the same IP address. Now go and experiment with various domain names, you’ll be surprised to see the results.

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