Host Tip #6: Verify Whether Your Server Is Using suPHP Or Not

suphpEarlier we told you why you should use suPHP on your server for better Security. Now we’ll tell you how to verify whether they are using it or not. Well you can simply ask your Hosting Support for that, but we can also know this simple tip too.

To verify whether your server is using suPHP or not, create a simple ‘php info’ script. Create a file named ‘phpinfo.php’ in the public_html folder of your site and insert the following code:


Now you need to load the file in your browser and in the top section find the line ‘Server API‘.

If it shows ‘CGI‘ then your account is on a server with suPHP.

If it shows ‘apache‘ then you are NOT on a suPHP server.

With this information you can know the servers normally have PHP running as CGI (not Apache).

(Tip via HostGator Support Portal)

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