Does Your Website Attract Or Repel Customers?

When consumers shop online, there are some features they need to find on ecommerce websites to make their experience fruitful, easy and fast. You can evaluate your ecommerce website to see if it is giving your customers the best possible experience and not turning them away.

Attract or Repel Customers?

The Design

Just like a messy store, a messy website will send people to the next possibility. Well-designed websites have high quality photos of the products for sale as well as product descriptions that are unique and interesting. If you think about your customers and why they would want your product, you can write descriptions that give them a good idea about the qualities of the product that makes them feel like they know it. You photos should have multiple perspectives and be able to be enlarged without becoming distorted.

The design should support the products and not overpower them. If it is extravagant for no reason, it will confuse customers and they will click elsewhere.

Clear Customer Service Options

Even before they buy a product, many customers want to know what will happen if they want to return it. Since good customer service is essential because testimonials on social media sites can make or break a business, you should make your policies visible with customer service hours, return policies, delivery dates and FAQs.

Clearly Displayed Buttons

To help make buying easy for your customers, your website needs to have easy-to-see call-to-action buttons. They should be spread throughout the site and ideally be located after each product description. Each button should lead to a landing page that has purchase forms or options. Check-out should have as few steps as possible. When the check-out process is too confusing, the customer may abandon their cart without purchasing the items they selected.


There are some things your website can do that will help build relationships with your customers and keep them coming back. If you have items that are discounted, they can be highlighted on your home page and you can offer a newsletter that informs customers about special promotions and give them the opportunity to give feedback.

You may have links to all of the major social media sites, but you also need to proactively advertise on those sites. Video blogs are a good way to make your business known. If they are entertaining and interesting, they could go viral taking your business along with them.

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