Why Some Domain Name Extensions Expensive Than Others?

This goes around my head every single time, especially with Country-code Top-level domains (ccTLDs). Like, using 101 Domain I can buy “.re” (Reunion Island) domain extension for 36 USD but whereas I need to spend 99 USD for “.ag” (Antigua) domain extension. Why the latter is costlier than the former? I used to wonder why some domain name extensions expensive and some not?

Domain Name Extensions Expensive

Some people think Reunion Island is more generous and they are willing to sell their domain names for a cheaper price whereas Antigua isn’t. It’s not really like that in fact. Before that you need to know who knows your domain names, you may have registered those domain names but it doesn’t mean you own them completely. They are actually controlled by designated registries such as VeriSign, PIR, Nominet, etc.

Domain Name Extensions Expensive [Reasons]

1. Local Currencies

At this moment 1 USD = 60.09 INR and this is where it affects. The registries use their own local currencies while pricing and all the Country-code Top-level domains (ccTLDs) area affected by this.

2. Support Issues

For domain names such as .com and .net we won’t have that much of issues, but for ccTLDs like .re, .ng, etc, we have so many issues. I registered “Slashsqua.re” for Slashsquare, though it is available for public registration I should still provide additional informations or documentations like that I reside in Reunion Island or my business is done there. Slashsquare is an Indian based company and I don’t really need to be in Reunion Island. So when I need to get “.re” while I’m still living in India, support issue rises. So I’ll be using their trustee services to overcome that.

3. Registries Decide The Price

The registries like the ones I mentioned at the beginning normally charge a fee per domain name to domain registrars which varies according to the country it is from. The registries decide the price, because the domain names could be handled by the Government or any communities, so they should decide which is feasible for them.

These are some of the factors which consider a domain name’s pricing, also make sure you do a proper research before buying a ccTLD, some domain registrars price it high and some don’t.

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  1. I am guessing we can try out the new domains like .tips and .menu for different purposes. Because domain name shortening is something which is expensive and unorthodox for some people.

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