20+ Domain Name Tips You Should Know Before Buying A Domain

In this article, I have shared some domain name tips and this article is based on my experience. A domain name is the heart of a website. You can either register a generic name or a brand name. The difference? Gadgets.com is generic, and Motorola.com is a brand.

Essential Domain Name Tips

1. It should be the name of your site or company. If you own ABC Inc, then pick abc.com if it is available. Having a domain name of your company or brand name makes sense to you and others.

2. It should be short and simple. Of course, if you don’t have any cool names on your mind you can start to search for something short and simple. The domain name should not be a headache. If the domain name is short and small you can easily fit the words in banners and custom Business Cards.

Example: Tech.com is valuable. TechNews.com is also valuable. But something like TheTechnologicalnews.com cannot be valuable.

Also, your clients/customers need to type your domain, and longer domain names cannot be remembered easily too.

3. It should end with ‘.com’. Who hates .com? If you see a company’s site or a brand’s name you’ll probably be checking out their site using .com extension. .com is global and a recommended one for your business.

4. It should describe your site or company. Same as #1 tip, the domain should describe your site or company. Suppose if you are starting a blog which targets Technology News, pick something which says your site is a Technology site. You can also be creative here, but make sure that doesn’t conflict with this tip and #1 tip.

5. It should contain some keywords. Having some keyword(s) on your domain name will add more value to your site’s traffic. If you need targeted traffic this tip will be useful.

6. It should have available Social Media Handles. This is my personal thought, while registering your domain name side by check whether they have available Social Media profile usernames like Twitter, Facebook, etc. They matter a lot if you run a company or for your business.

7. It should be creative. Your domain names can say what kind of person you are. Within few characters you can display your creativity, it is a kind of tagline or slogan, even few words can describe your personality. Be creative and pick a domain name that’ll make you proud.

8. It should be unique. You can be unique, like you can register a domain name which sounds new. Like a trend-setter, people follow you and register like yours. Be unique.

9. It should be easy to remember. Right now people forget email address, phone number, even your name, but they don’t forget to ask your Twitter handle and your site. Like Twitter handle, your domain name should also be easy to remember. You should not make them ask again.

10. It should be easy to brand. Branding could do a lot for your business. You can brand your company or site with your domain name itself. It should look confident and branded. It will also be easier to build links to branded domain names.

11. It should target your audience. If you are targeting specific traffic from a group of audience, you should pick something that is familiar to them. You can’t write in Spanish for English audience, right?

12. It should be easy to say out loud. Ah, this one, you should be able to pronounce it properly. You should not stress yourself just to say your domain name.

13. It should be Search Engine Optimized. Same as #5, register domain names which are Search Engine Optimized. It should have Rankability and Linkability.

14. It should be registered for more than one year. It is better to register domain names for more than one year. You don’t own these domain names, you are just renting it. So if you wish to have them longer, register longer.

15. It should not contain any special characters. Special characters like “-” and others can be omitted because they create confusion. But you can register such domain names for avoiding phishing and other online fraud activities.

16. It should not have any numbers. Having numbers in domain names will create confusion like people confuse with “four” and “4”.

17. It should not be in Plural form. You should not register for thewebsite.com or mywebsite.com, that collide with your business’s original name. If website.com is available, go for it instead.

18. It should not have Copyright Infringement.You should make sure that the domain name you want to register does not violate any copyrights or trademarks. In other words, you domain name should contain common descriptive words. If not companies can grab your domain name by law suit.

Example: If you register Google.com before Google. They grab the domain name from you by law suit, and you have violated by registering their trademark.

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19. It should not have any hidden Embarrassing Words. You are confused I guess? When you buy a two-worded domain name you’ll accidentally forget some hidden embarrassing words. Example? If you are going to register for a local company say “Goods Exchange”, the domain name will look like goodsexchange.com. Now this is what I’m talking about.

20. It should not have names that are tough to spell. It should not be Greek. Don’t go for asdfaksld.com unless it really has some meaning for your business.

21. It should not have any penalty. Major one. You might register a new domain or expired one. So if you are going to register some expired domain names then you should check whether they have any penalty or not. You can use Google.com to check the site’s history and how it played in past.

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From The Author :

1. I might have some domain names which don’t have these characteristics, but I’ll always TRY to pick one having these.

2. If you own domain names not having these characteristics, don’t regret, it is not the end of the World. You’ll find plenty of creative good domain names.

Do you know any other tip? If so kindly share them in the comments below.

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