Posterous Shuts Down on April 30th. Learn How To Backup Posterous Spaces.

This is really unfortunate. Posterous is a simple blogging platform started in May 2008, later acquired by Twitter in March 2012. Its simple interface to blog about things you like/admire made it popular within a short period of time.

Sachin Agarwal said that their full focus will be on Twitter, so they’ll be completely shutting down Posterous on April 30th. That means, you can neither view nor edit your content. That’s it!

How to Backup Your Posterous Space?

Since we got less time (April 30th deadline) we can backup our Posterous Spaces now and work on our new Blogging space right now to avoid SEO effects. Fortunately there is a simple backup option will help you to get a zip archive of your spaces. It’ll be delivered to your email. If you visit that backup link, you’ll come to a place like this where you can find the ‘backup’ option for all your Posterous Spaces.

Posterous Space - Backup

You need to click the “Request Backup” button to generate the backup. This backup process won’t affect your Space. Also this backup will only include your current content, you need to take another backup if you make any changes to your content or if you get any new comments.

Posterous - Request Backup

Depending upon the size of your content the backup time varies. They’ll mail you the backup when it is ready to download.

Posterous - Backup

That’s all you’ll get a mail with your backup content ZIP archive. I know it hurts, but we need to find some other good Blogging space now. Questions rises whether they are shutting down because of Twitter or because of Posterous co-founder Garry Tan’s new site “Posthaven”. You can operate your blog there for $5 a month.

USEFUL: Move Your Blog Content From Posterous to

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