Using Your Name As Domain Name For Business?

Your Name As Domain NameIf you are going to do that for your personal blog, then no issues, but if it is not, then you need to consider this one seriously. It’s a two-edged sword actually. Below I have mentioned some of the disadvantages of using for your professional sites/blogs, because they are commercial. If you are going to use your name as domain name for your business works, then you must consider these drawbacks and proceed.

Your Name As Domain Name Issues

1. Forget Branding

Unless you are already familiar to the world, it’s really really difficult to brand your name. It can’t be a universal portal just with a personal name or the name your parents used to call you now and then. Whereas a commercial name will be easier to brand and reach as well. It will be odd to use it for branding purposes like using it on Business Cards, Banners, etc.

2. Forget Selling cannot be another person’s, it will happen once in a blue moon. It will become meaningless, like John Marshall (example) running (example) as a commercial or personal blog. You can never sell your blog as long as it bears your name.

3. Forget Hiring Authors

Running a blog with your name as domain name and others writing on it frequently? That’ll be ridiculous right? So all the posts should be written by you, unless you don’t care about what others are thinking. πŸ˜‰

At least 90% of the posts should be contributed by you.

4. Forget Search Engine Optimization

It will be difficult to optimized, specially for search engines. Unless people are searching for your name it will be difficult to get much visits from search engines. But, of course, good content also matters and they can overtake the cons in domain name.

5. You can’t make it Commercial

Commercial blogs should have a trade name to make it look professional. It should be easy and brandable, importantly have all the good qualities of a domain name.

These are some of the reasons why you should avoid domain names with your own name for running a business or money making money.

When you can register and use it?

These are some of the scenarios when you can use as your domain.

#1. Personal Blog : If you are going to run your personal blog, like your daily scraps, personal stuffs, etc, then you can prefer to use this. In fact, I recommend to use it.

#2. Personal Brand : If you want to promote your personal brand and provide services, then you can prefer this. People like writers, consultants, and lawyers can use this.

We are not actually telling you to avoid using your name as domain name, you should register it, making use of that should be your wise decision.

6 thoughts on “Using Your Name As Domain Name For Business?”

  1. I must say, the headline caught me up here. is great for personal diaries but separating personal with professional and playing with both of them is called Success.

  2. OMG !! I am running blog on my name and it has got very good alexa also… Its improving day by.. an u plz suggest how can i move all the content to new domain without losing SEO and PR..

    1. Mate, if you are really sure that you don’t want to continue with your current name, then you
      can migrate to another domain name. πŸ™‚

      I don’t doing proper steps won’t affect your ranking much.

  3. Using for your business blog & then getting success is difficult, and only few people can achieve it… So its better to use a brandable domain instead of from the beginning itself πŸ™‚

  4. Aman Arora @ Block Website

    I agree on all the points you made, I have registered but I am surely not gonna make a commercial blog on it. Most probably it will contain information about me πŸ™‚

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