10+ Best Websites To Sell Domain Names

10+ Best Websites To Sell Domain Names 1

Before starting anything online, one must have a good domain name so that the website can be easily recognized and stands unique compared to other brand names.

But the problem is, it’s not easy to find the desired domain name. Most of the good names are already registered. That’s why Domain Flipping came to the scenario.

The idea is that you register high-quality & branded domains or buy premium domains and sell them for better prices. Domain Flipping is a common way to make money online.

If you have domain names that you want to sell, you are in the right place. Here I’ll be sharing a list of 10+ best websites to sell your domain names.

1. Flippa

10+ Best Websites To Sell Domain Names 2

With over 250,000 potential buyers, Flippa is the most popular marketplace for buying and selling online businesses like domains, websites, apps, stores, and more. You can sell your undeveloped or parked domains easily at Flippa.

Flippa charges $10 per domain name for listing. And you’ll have to give a success free of 5-10% for every successful sell. You can reach more people by upgrading your listing.

From buyer’s point of view, it has more attractive dealings and domain listing than others. The buying experience is straightforward and safe, and that is why around 5000 new ventures are listed for sale every day on Flippa.


10+ Best Websites To Sell Domain Names 3

With over 700,000 domain sales since the set-up, Sedo is the best place to sell domain names. Sedo (Search Engine for Domain Offers) has over 19 million disclosed domains with 2 million clients. It is the biggest transacting platform for “secondhand” domains, which help people to obtain the desirable domain which is already taken.

It is an online podium with extensive services for its customers, including domain parking and promotion of domains by their expert team members.

3. SnapNames

10+ Best Websites To Sell Domain Names 4

SnapNames is again another known web.com company for aftermarket domain names. With the team of experts and technology advancement, SnapNames offers around 30 million domain names. You can explore, offer, buy, or create an offer on accessible domains or structure a back order to jump on upcoming listings.

The connoisseurs of SnapNames pick up relevant and high-quality domain names for auction. Their business partners also bid aftermarket domain names (buying and selling of domain names after issue). It also provides exceptional and uncommon domain names for sale to facilitate your venture by bringing together right buyers and sellers.

4. GoDaddy Auctions

10+ Best Websites To Sell Domain Names 5

With the simple and competent attitude of hustle, adapt and learn, GoDaddy has captured the domain market like fire. It is the world’s most established domain name registrar with 14 million clients. And it has over 63 million domain names under supervision.

One of the interesting GoDaddy features is its auction place that allows users to buy and sell distinctive domain names. It’s considered as one of best domain auction sites.

5. Bido

10+ Best Websites To Sell Domain Names 6

Bido provides domain names desired by the clients. Bido auctions the listings based on customer choice. On the first day of auction in 2008, Bido successfully handed over 9500 domain names voted for sale by the public. Bido’s concept of the modern day business is not only to do business for the sake of profit but have a benefit beyond mere monetary dealings.

Bido’s website is designed in such a way that it contributes to the communal facets. 

6. Namecheap Market

10+ Best Websites To Sell Domain Names 7

Namecheap.com was found by Richard Kirkendall in 2000, with keeping general people’s drive in mind. It is a principal ICANN-recognized domain name administrator and web hosting enterprise. You can register a domain from Namecheap at a cheap price. It has more than 5 million domain under management.

Namecheap has a marketplace to buy and sell domain names. The marketplace has several types of domains like acronyms, advertising, auto, business, education, entertainment, etc.

7. NamePros

10+ Best Websites To Sell Domain Names 8

Established in 2003, NamePros is another largest community of domainers growing to 1 million in numbers. It is one of the best service providers in the field of purchase and sale of domains where you can also discuss the various names with the largest group of expertise team. The website provides you all the information and news about all the latest domains.

The website has many sub-categories which keep you up-to-date about the latest detailed analysis of the domain news, proceedings, discussions, auctions, study, and policy. It is a free information source for both novices and experts to learn the buying and selling domains.

8. DomainState

10+ Best Websites To Sell Domain Names 9

DomainState is free to use means for public to learn different kind of stuff related to the domain business. It offers a broad range of tools and domain resources for your use. It is a secondary marketplace where domain titles are sold and bought. 

DomainState.com follows domain name listings by each administrator, by country of bursar and by detailed TLD. This information makes available valued visions to registrars as to their corresponding consequences, actions, and developments. 

9. WebHostingTalk

10+ Best Websites To Sell Domain Names 10

Established on 23 March 2000, WebHostingTalk is a communal-focused source which aims at keeping the customers and companies well-versed about the sustained revolutions and growth of web hosting business. It is the largest web hosting community on the Internet.

It has an advertising area for selling your domain names.

10. DigitalPoint

10+ Best Websites To Sell Domain Names 11

It is an open market where you can buy/sell anything digital. DP has 1048 registered sites and 1747 listed domains.  In Domain Marketplace/Buy Domains For Sale section, you will find the available domains for buying. You can also sell your domain name there.

However, you can also learn a lot about domain registration, transfers, reselling from the forum.

11. DNForum

10+ Best Websites To Sell Domain Names 12

DNF deals with- Domain Sales, Domain Forum, Domain Appraisals, Domain Registrars. It is the right marketplace for the beginners. It is the biggest reputed communal on the internet which grows every day due to the latest information provided in the forums.

There are about 105,000 domainers on DNF who engage in different types of activities, from buying and selling of domains to learning and conversing domains. It is a platform to understand the domain world and then step into it with full preparation.

12. Freemarket

10+ Best Websites To Sell Domain Names 13

It is the best free marketplace for sellers and buyers. You can easily buy and sell domains and websites on Freemarket.com. You can freely post your listings on Freemarket.com and can quickly put an offer, make a proposal, purchase or sell presently listed domain titles. It charges the lowest commission on the sale, as compared to other online marketplaces. It is the safest and the most secure method of trading. 

Freemarket.com is endorsed by the stronghold of Freelancer workers. Lots of brilliant moguls are always ready to offer you a remarkable website or domain.


So these are the best domain marketplaces to buy or sell domain names. I hope this post helped you to find the right marketplace for you.

We recommend Flippa.com and Sedo.com for selling domain names.

Now I’d like to hear from you. Do you know any other domain forum or marketplace? Let us know via comment. And share your experience with above marketplaces if you have any.

11 thoughts on “10+ Best Websites To Sell Domain Names”

  1. I’m now using my own platform Hitnamer.com. My inventory is capped at 2000 domains and I’m expecting my best year ever this year. I’m also launching a newsletter and I will be targeting investors and endusers direct. Unfortunately, I’m giving up on all the well known platforms, they’ve way too much inventory on offer and they’re not getting the sales or the prices

  2. Godaddy and Flippa are great source to sell domain names. But forums like NamePros is good place too. At namepros one not can only sell domain names but they can actually take help from other domainer and can make themselves a a good buyer and seller. Forums are great source for knowledge. Sedo is also a good place for selling domain names. I think any of them could be great site but it’s better first try out the big and trusted names like Sedo, flippa, Godaddy.

  3. I have used a bunch. Bad experience with sedo and flippa tries to upsell too much. I have had sales through uniregistry.com and domainagents.com

  4. Discovered IceNap.com, free listings and self brokered deals at 0% commision. Many other useful features like free appraisals and suggestions. they are selective about domain names but all mine got listed. Thanks.

  5. I suggest the AboveMarketplace for buying or selling domains with parking history, or when buying or selling domain portfolios. The traffic stats shown in this marketplace are pulled directly from the parking companies, as opposed to seller submitted. Above handles portfolios differently than any other marketplace so that every domain within the portfolio is shown to potential buyers. Compare this to other marketplaces which handle portfolios by forcing you to choose your best domain for the listing, and then all other domains are inserted into that domain’s comment box.

  6. I have tried, bido and sedo domain market place. At bido good domains are sold at very low price. No luck with sedo.
    I have also tried Namepros , I think this is better than above two. At least you can show people what domains are you having and some may buy it.

  7. Flippa is a great choice if you own a premium domain. Namepro’s also a good choice to find a great buyers.

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