Top 10 Websites to Create A Free Blog Online In 2018

create-a-free-blogBlogging is the best way to express yourself to the world and establish your connections. You can easily share your original ideas and thoughts via blogging.  Nothing is comparable to putting your imagination into words. This way you can make yourself presentable in front of the whole world.

When it comes to creating a blog, the first thing comes to our mind is “Is it free?” . The answer is Yes/No. You can create a blog for free, or you can buy a domain and build a blog.

If you are going to create a personal blog, you can go with the websites that offer free blogs. In this post, I’ll be sharing a list of top 10 websites to create a free blog in 2018. You can also use these websites to create a site for your small business.

The sites mentioned below have both paid and free versions. Now it’s up to you whether you want to go with the free version or not.


Trustworthy to some of the leading brands and industries, WordPress is the right place for beginners. You can create a spectacular website with WordPress and give wings to your imagination. WordPress leads great sites for bloggers, experts, and businesses. Building up your blog is incredibly easy and hassle-free with the lovely features of WordPress:

  • You possess your domain name.
  • High quality and exclusive design.
  • Authoritative guides to know about your readers.
  • 24/7 support system through forums, emails and live chat sessions.
  • It offers mobile friendly website.


Blogger is Google’s tool to create a free blog. The latest version of Blogger is fully loaded with customized features to set up and endorse blogs without cost. The main benefit of managing the Blogger is that it includes hosting and analytics. The added features of Blogger are:

  • You can make your own podcast feeds.
  • Flexibility along with simple tools to use.
  • Blogger has “What You See Is What You Get” editor.
  • You can email and share your posts via social sites.
  • Hosting blog is free on BlogSpot.
  • You can upload your own template.
  • You can use top level domain on Blogger.


Tumblr is a microblogging and public networking website. It is somewhere between Twitter and regular blogging. If you do not like long stuff, then Tumblr is the best option for short updates. Depending on the type of post, Tumblr serves up a different template. So, on September 1, 2016, Tumblr hosts over 312.2 million blogs. You can access most of the website features from the Dashboard interface. The features which are included in this type of microblogging are:

  • Users can hold their custom domain name.
  • Control the appearance of the blog via HTML coding.
  • It categorizes the posts by type: Text, Photo, Quote, Link, Chat, Audio, and Video.
  • “Fan mail” function, allows users to send messages to blogs that they trail.
  • Incorporated “prompt messaging” feature, lets users to chat with other Tumblr users.

4. LiveJournal

Started in 1999, LiveJournal was a small personal social site use merely to share on a limited level. In 2005, LiveJournal became the unit of social networking. A user’s list of friends will often comprise several groups of people and RSS feeds in addition to single users. The free blogging includes the following features:

  • Every journal record has its own web page.
  • In addition to blogging services, “Friend list” is a distinctive feature which gives a high social aspect.
  • Customize account with superb programming features as well as forums and user pics.
  • User Info page includes all the required data of the blogger.
  • LiveJournal can cloud videos and permits users who have facilitated the updated site design to post links to the hosted videos.
  • Further paid accounts include – Messaging, To-do list, Express Lane, Voice Post, View Storage Space.

5. allows you to create your own website with all the advanced features. Their worldwide user base and excellent designs and leading cloud-based expansion platform, allows you to create an impactful web presence. The Wix website designer has everything you need to make a fully-personalized & high-quality free website. The features added to Wix blogging are:

  • Stunning templates.
  • Social and promotional tools.
  • Blog editor and custom domains.
  • Drag and drop feature along with secure hosting.
  • Mobile adjusted.


Medium is a community of readers and writers proposing unique viewpoints on concepts either large or small. It is a basic guide to writing, publishing and endorsing on the web platform. It is a worthy website with zero operating cost with a greater look for digital pushers and first-time bloggers. Everyone (or any brand) can sign up for an open Medium account and start writing. It is a blogging platform from the inventor of Blogger and Twitter. You can quickly sign up for free on Medium and start writing anything which hits your mind. The features of include:

  • Different headline arrangements and styles.
  • Different ways to formatting texts and display photos in your post.
  • It centers its stats and metrics for posts instead of just traffic
  • It has a complete list of keyboard shortcuts for fast functioning while writing and editing
  • Supports third party embeds like URL from different media’s like YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter.


Created in 2007, Weebly is a comprehensive platform that allows anyone to start and develop an online business with curated website patterns, influential eCommerce, and cohesive marketing. You can convey your thoughts with powerful SEO tools of Weebly. More than 30 million people have worked with Weebly as a profile-raising platform for the business and blogging. Adaptable drag and drop blog builder lets you build an outstanding blog. The essential features include:

  • The App Center brings functionality and services straight to your website.
  • Manage your blog or website directly from mobile.
  • Responsive & professional website themes.
  • Consistent free hosting allows you to build up custom forms and surveys.
  • Numerous video hosting choices, influential online business features, and a devoted dashboard.


Webs was initiated with the aim to help people get their online presence without technical know-how and a big budget. To start a personal business or blogging, Webs is the ultimate option as you’ve got the right tools. Building a website doesn’t have to be multifaceted or exclusive if you have the best business promoting and blogging website in hand. The primary features of Webs include:

  • Customizable designs to create unique content.
  • A powerful SEO tool designed to boost your website.
  • Effective social media integration.
  • A Mobile-optimized version that spontaneously syncs with your desktop site as you makes modifications.
  • Local records make it stress-free to get your business registered in all places by being connected.
  • Cutting-edge web analytics to get to know your visitors.


SimpleSite started in 2003, with a motive to create value and opportunity for the inexperienced people. Simplesite is a user-friendly website building tool along with the exclusive features. You can start your personal business via’s unique and advanced designs, backgrounds and colors. The unique features include:

  • Personal Domain name for your unique website.
  • Online store that facilitates you to charge online payments.
  • The site works on all devices be it mobiles, tablets, and laptops.
  • Enables social media sharing along with various features like music, photo album and postcards, games, maps, etc.
  • Easy, straightforward and worthy assistance for creating all types of websites and blogs


Launched in 2008, Webnode is a remarkable website builder with over 22 million users. You do not need programmers or professionals to assist you in building your website with Webnode. It is an easy and trouble-free platform to build a website in few minutes with no overhead charges. With the help of Webnode, you can create a professional website, business website or an online store, for promoting your personal growth or business. The unique features of Webnode include:

  • No start-up cost as the content management, customer support, and site-building are all free.
  • Latest designs and skillfully organized content.
  • You can use your domain name or register it with Webnode.
  • No procedural talents, setting up or alignment required.
  • No ads or banners allowed on the website.
  • Site is optimized for all types of devices.
  • Includes full support for SEO and innovative SEO methods, and by design produces clean URLs and sitemaps.


Hope all the information mentioned above about the free blog building websites will help you in taking the right decision. It depends on you, whether to choose a platform for beginners or professionals. So far, these websites are mostly recommended for personal blogs and low budget small businesses.

Here’s my recommendation.

Now I’d like to hear from you about other better option for creating free blogs online. Please feel free to provide references in the comments below and also let us know if you find our post helpful.

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