How to Get Started With HostGator for $0.01!

Getting Started With HostGator (2)

If you are planning to start a website or blog, then you should know that choosing a good web hosting service is essential. Your web host can break or make your online success.

When it comes to choosing the best web host, I’d recommend you to go with top web hosts like HostGator.

HostGator is an excellent choice to host your very first website. It is affordable and great in quality. I have been using HostGator for 5 years, and I am pretty satisfied.

The good news is, you can get started with HostGator for just $0.01 by using HostGator 1 cent coupon code. This offer is only for Don’t get confused between and

Also, if you are thinking of switching your hosting service, you can also try this one penny hosting. HostGator offers free hosting transfer.

How to Get Started With HostGator

Follow these few simple steps to get started with HostGator.

Step 1: Visit

At First, go to and Click on the Get Started Now button.

Get Started

Step 2: Choose a Web Hosting Plan

Now you’ll need to choose a Hosting plan. HostGator has 3 plans for shared hosting. These are – Hatchling Plan, Baby Plan, Business Plan.

If you are planning to start one site, you can choose the Hatchling plan. This plan offers only one domain on your account. But, in my opinion choosing the Baby plan is the right choice. Baby plan offers Unlimited domain, Unlimited Storage, Unlimited Bandwith.

A business plan is designed for business and service oriented sites. If you are going to start a blog, this plan is not for you.

If I were you, I’d go with Baby plan. By the way, You can upgrade your plan anytime for free.

Once you have decided the plan, click on Sign Up button below that plan.

HostGator Plans

Step 3: Choose a Domain name

After hitting the sign-up button, you’ll be taken to HostGator Order Form. Now, it’s time to choose a Domain Name for your Website. If you have already registered a Domain name click on the “I Already Own This Domain” tab.

You can buy a domain from a different place and connect it later to your host. I personally prefer buying domain names from top domain registrars like Namecheap. It secures your site and saves some money of you.

If you want to buy the domain name from HostGator, click on the “Register a New Domain” tab (1). And enter your domain name (2) and select the extension (3). HostGator will show whether your desired domain is available or not.

If it’s available, HostGator will add that as Primary Domain. You can also choose a different extension for your website.

HostGator also offers Domain Privacy Protection, which hides your personal contact information like name, mailing address, email, etc. It costs $12.95/yr. If you don’t want to use this service, uncheck the box (4).

Buy HostGator Domain Name

Step 4: Confirm Your Hosting Plan

On to the next step, you need to confirm your Hosting Package information.

Now an important thing – the Billing Cycle. You should select one month if you want to get started with HostGator for just $0.01. But if you changed your mind for any reason and you want to buy hosting for a longer period then you can use coupon code to get 25% off. You will find the coupon code below.

Next, you need to create an username and security pin which will be used to Login to your HostGator account.

Choosing A hosting Plan

Step 5: Enter Billing Information

Now it’s time to enter your billing information. Put your Email, Name, Phone number, and other details correctly. Keep in mind to put your details correctly because sometimes they may call you to verify.

Here you can also choose whether you are paying with a credit card or PayPal. Choose whichever is easier for you.

Billing info

Step 6: Add/Remove HostGator Additional Services

HostGator offers some additional services. These services include daily scans of your site, regular backups, and increased Search Engine Visibility, Domain protection. Now as a starter, you don’t need any of these. Plus some of this can be done using free plugins and tools. So uncheck all these boxes and save yourself some extra costs.

Additional Services

Step 7: Enter Coupon Code

Now the most important Step – getting your hosting package for just $0.01. In the coupon code field, Enter this coupon  HL1CENTHOSTING and click on validate. You just got the first month Hosting Package for $0.01.

Although, if you register a new domain you have to pay $12.95 for the registration. But HostGator will charge only $0.01 for the hosting package because you used the coupon.

If you wish to buy hosting for a longer period, then use this Coupon code  HL25OFFHOSTING to get 25% discount.

Enter Coupon Code

Now review your order details. You’ll see that you’ve got 24/7/365 Phone, LiveChat, Email Support, Instant Account Activation for free. Also, there are 45 days Money Back Guarantee!

Your amounts may vary if you choose other options but here you’ll be paying for two things –

  1. Domain Registration – $12.95 – This is the yearly fee to own your new domain name.
  2. Baby Plan for 1 month – $0.01 – because you used the Coupon Code HL1CENTHOSTING

Step 8: Complete the Payment

Once you are done checking the details click on Checkout Now button and you’ll be taken to the payment page. If you select Paypal, you’ll be taken to Paypal payment page or Credit Card Order page if you select Credit Card as your payment method.

Check Out

You will receive an email that should give you some URLs to access your Control Panel and a password to get in. Keep this info safe to yourself.

I hope this post helped you to get a good quality hosting service for just $0.01. If you face any problem completing these steps let me know through comments.

Note: I have used affiliate links on this post. That means if you buy through my links, I will get some commission. But that won’t cost you any extra bucks.

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