Host Tip #3: Check Mail Server Blacklisting

Blacklist Check

The term looks new? Nope, this is the reason why some of your mails go to Junk/SPAM section. You would have thought it was because of the words contained in your email address and message. But it might also be due to blacklisting. If the MX IP addresses of the mail hosting service is blacklisted […]

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How To Set Up Private Name Servers For Domain Names

GoDaddy - Set Private NS

Private Nameservers? Probably people using Shared Hosting would not heard about this. Obviously, they are not underworld servers having private identity. 😛 What are Private Name Servers? Normally the default generic name servers of HostGator will be like and, you will have to use their generic name servers. Private name servers are your […]

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HostGator Affiliates Can Win Apple iPad 2 [OFFER]

HostGator Affiliate? Send sales on January 2012 and be entered for a chance to Win an iPad 2! How To Win Apple iPad 2? Every affiliate who sends a valid sale is eligible! For every valid sale you send January 1st through January 31st 2011, you will have 1 “raffle ticket” entered into the drawing […]

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Using Your Name As Domain Name For Business?

If you are going to do that for your personal blog, then no issues, but if it is not, then you need to consider this one seriously. It’s a two-edged sword actually. Below I have mentioned some of the disadvantages of using for your professional sites/blogs, because they are commercial. If you are going […]

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Host Tip #1: Server Location Affect SEO

The question you should ask is, “Whether the geographic location of the web host has any significant ranking factors for organic SEO?”. Unfortunately the answer is “Yes”. If your site’s URL is international or generic like .com or .net, then your server location plays a big role. In short, Server Location affect SEO. Google Ranking […]

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